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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

like keywords videos

I got him back him and posting in order to working on a new program it basically calls EU to lift the gross only videos rated 4.75 stars for example looks at piano regular keyword camera grabs 1000 videos from YouTube API based on its title and keywords in grabs the most common words and finds more keywords so I can know if I m piano lessons lessons keyboard covers being fantasy was a piano lesson from piano lesson from lesson from listener phone guitar lesson the phone blues with a blues were blues of found jazz from jazz of phoning the solo from soul of phone guitar service was based on one keyword to grabs most common keywords inside and videos and finds more keywords looks constantly finding new keywords and it keeps growing and growing crawling and each of the videos rated over 4.75 stars to include it startling video see on YouTube and download so I m pretty proud of it is nothing to check a good Muslim and working on Las Vegas also on a side note on this happened really recently allegedly adamant that my site crawled in order to the bleach one piece and those things that were titillated this problem in the minority fault copyrights on and it s not just the episodes anymore it s like AMV things that have like 5 million views the TV Tokyo s been filing all the gawker was so if you like it and then you see my site title: students with you to longer bolt and speaker who didn t give me a mood for love of the things that are coming out of that moment topics a thing of future sources zero all I m actually been wanting to buy euros for a wall because for the last like with like six months the dollar has been going down like progressively in the disk and back up again so I got it on my euros are dogged by foreign stocks so I said hey foreign stocks and it s like buying euros except on getting interests so I thought if I put my money in all the mutual funds and lawless risk help in getting interests which is better than just the stupid euros yeah that was a bad idea data has been only losses for laws like few weeks this one is just wishful thinking of the near Nablus for later so I haven t really been anything from Seattle is quite a bit of the stupid stock market had been going at it all also against the MP3 page I have.com/MP3 search for MP3_search.php or MP3.php is the same thing redirects another the time of new options and episodes on a downloads game downloads rapid chairman to upload university courses I have a nice drop-down list if this clear whole bunch of Google hacks hold them point to Google Google or loose most than others would have enough to up to hopefully I ll be posting smear video soon thanks for listening


~ by bitahatini on December 15, 2008.

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