Understanding Web 2.0 Terminology — Part 1 – Video

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Him in this particular watch this video I wanted to do a two-part series on so important and vital marketing terms and some terminology in this first part on a couple of a cover-up couple of what I consider very important to have reviewed what it was an enabled move into a couple of his second part of the servers on the first term immediately with when you deal with what to window is something that most people don t consider to be Web 2.0 was really the pioneer Web 2.0 which is log or weblog now a blog allows you to both host content many different types and also to get around because it was the target market because it lets a target market post information or comments back to you about the golf content that you post to a blog is really simple easy thing to create new free online services out of blogger to WordPress online you can host them yourself and tailor them to make them look old just like the website just like your corporate website would look very very interesting and unique ways of engaging the consumer they could do a lot with law you can go share information of blog is a place like a set if the conversation so it s a good way to incite our talk about product services specials on things that you do in such company keeping your consumer update on what s going on a blog is a great place to really the best place to do this is because now you deal with a push pull in direct marketing mix returned by content information and allow your audience to come back to you and tell you I really like this or don t like this all work could you do something like this better for me or maybe you shouldn t do these things to vital information and lots and lots of blog entries that term should be digital. With first I would say it s probably step one in Web 2.0 market okay that it s that important in the second term of a talk with you about today is social media was socially listening about that we talk about media we could be talking about print to be talking about him in print you can type of articles and white papers on a Jules things like that at our our part of print that you can talk about video which can consist of full-length movies or shorts Oslo videos like this 1234 minutes long and he got audio which can be streaming on it can be podcasts Dubai passenger also videos for a for usage on mobile devices you can view downloads young teachers PDFs all kinds of different types of media are right case were really looking at multimedia approach is not what makes it social is the fact that you share with others you can do it through your blog or you can do it through other Web 2.0 enabled sites like YouTube or whitespace or Flickr if you do the photographs we forgot images are so major as me is it s easy to forget that there s tons and tons of media out there for you to socialize with so much will share video or sure podcast streams audio to give you the opportunity down while whatever those medias are links of socialism share and we engage in conversation about the now a word of caution don t just do this so that you can easily disable I really like I see you like that I can say this for 1995 remember when to window marketing is not a direct marketing technique in direct there is some direct marketing begins and ends and begins me out since I got very very very going to get somebody gets it for you until you know what I m consulting firm to let you buy what you are bookmarking services for me now how does that make you feel probably like G. I ve been led to Primrose Path you know I ve been to this place in formal you want that you want to be in direct mode share your knowledge you want to share your content is good and honest discussions with dabble do for you as it will let you build trust within your community and let you collect it on what people really want and again you aren t able to talk with one of these potential customers about what you have to offer them their already 70% of the way there okay because it ll receive the purges and standard qualifications they know that you know something that you can give them something that s going to help increase up to the salt problems whatever it may be so tonight after work to cover Cold War terms and don t forget to read the article because it has tons and tons and tons of good information or to even touch is to give the school relativity don t hesitate if you have questions or contact is using it as the website or by phone you can post or blog me a T-shirt oligarchy where you can find some time to different places out there like YouTube at Cafxe9 other lots and lots of other sites were where we ve been sure to so get in touch with this letter from you thanks suspended in school relativity a great day


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