AdWords API Tutorial (8 of 9) – Keywords

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

keyword service targeted

So which is virtually identical to adding and adding a party would rather source so the service that we use for this is the criterion service and will set up in our first line of code next will fill in our keyword object again to pass in that a group ID and Churchill mentioned that there are three different types of keywords so you probably all know this but there s broad exact and phrase ominous set the simplest type which is a broad keyword in a broad keyword would match is on to match any piece of the user s query or the content of an absent page we would doubt it would be a match for that particular ad and set actual text of the keyword in this case just keyword text and then we re going to pass in our rate of one keyword into it at criteria method and check to ensure that actually works I ll get all criteria and get back a list of our keywords in the iterator that and for each one just appointed in-house examples were to print out the attacks that we just set and the results should be something that looks like this one of those weapons is all your weapons on the criterion service weapons at all criteria in your service is if you re using if you have any goes out to be instead of keyword targeted placement targeted and targeted toward specific websites I know why I m going to run on your times and USA Today were images similar muffins from the criterion service service from seven particular objects you create website objects and some specified text for the video if you were to trigger you say anything watching this type of Euro is a hands-on that will display of how this behavior for office and targeted campaigns


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