Getting Started with the Google Data PHP Client Library

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Go over John s sufferings hear from the Google data APIs the Google data APIs allow your program to access various Google services such as water cool calendar regina context is everything you do today to help you get started interacting with these APIs from within your PHP applications this video seems that you re a familiar basis of what development PHP also has asked for is working with Web services listens for their part before Reagan only three things in HT P. server PHP and PHP Google data class library for each of these briefly most writers or to provide HP server and PHP but he already done so highly recommends on a copy locally for development purposes in DHCP server will do provide sports executing PHP s recommend using the patch each server which can be downloaded from HT once your HDV servers installed a valid PHP from or specific installation instructions are posted each of these sites once on Apache and PHP are a descriptive studio plus I had to quickly check to see if your installation is properly set simply created for all that contains these two lines versus the standard PHP start tag and the second is the PHP function in PHP developer before you might note that a ghost displays information about your PHP if we save this within our group as I say info.php and liberals never get your information about your PHP installation such as the version eagle fans use what your practice if you don t get this patient said he does get the contents of info.php file you saved me know somethings wrong of me to publish what you typically server installed and running with PHP support psychedelic PHP Google but I ve distribute its purpose and firmer open source project available for syndrome includes a lot of components such as new tracks will data APIs if you don t although prison for birdies in a development toolkit and a little lightweight Google version is going to free markets and a call/download/cheated to demonstrate a complete with this infernal installation process is not an open browser to free markets and the/download/cheated and got the term of its release institutions that would listen good once this is done if the resulting folder somewhere safe and accessible to your Web server since I m a system with Apache and PHP are sold off local amigo and place it there as well in your system you are one of the worlds primary legal PHP where to find the best way to do this is to modify your PHP my system this is located off local PC because I m so PHP don t look over there-so PHP may be located in other locations such as usual PC rookie:PHP. So one opens up in a text editor and unaligned big this is a clone separated list of various directory speech is going to search when it s looking up the libraries you go ahead and add the password stored in cheated or so locals and she told by/library now that I ve updated the PHP I just need to restart Apache so that PHP can pick up the changes since the go-ahead run at a restart and industry did you send us know and love PHP — it is not PHP session and I m going to try little problems and for loops and loader.php should be there if you don t get any errors and everything is good if not then you know you troubleshoot the place to check if this happens is to look@theinfo.php probably greater social you the practice growth in fact it s as wrong make sure that you do that for PHP.ini file and the Apache list is cheaper if you want a managed hosting protects your PHP or if your hosting provider has allowed it to your orders using Apache with mod PHP instead set PHP s configuration settings using HTX file to do this going green file and then type the line PHP_value include path and then parentheses the paths to your send to your folder followed by/library and save this in your web root is not HTX asked and save not an adhesive at the authority to my PHP but otherwise as you now the center of a state record on the peaceful date for this is in or keep your parts available for you is an accomplished API doc/core is going to items in cheated in upper and corps switched to make the active package in the nose on the left coast classes with and within some cheated as five main types of oxygen would be a service classes requests needs increasing extension of this same cheated is an example of the service class service classes were quite harboring certain Ajax is Google services over same cheated is a generic service posses reporter most of the services have a dedicated servers also to send you to bring classes contain no adapter scheme used for various services and are used as system from your VP to allow the reluctant free world where you are just past euro into the or yourself if you know for syndicated buries generic root cause many service special request was to send TV beats a return of service classes in response to know often using the help of a feature simply collection of every object on which all the metadata to describe the clutch and unity does example of this angers many subclasses used for various services entries as the name suggests her present a logical option of either this might be a blog post or contact or calendar these are a present message entry likes in cheated feed as many subclasses used by each of the services finally decided entries and feeds extension on three strokes in individual pieces of the Berg sample this might be the owner of a blog titled a post related to counter his or her present the subclasses of saying she did not usually recall every Wonder Bread program creams would post one a sister to begin on the going rate for bringing HTML file I call this love PHP demo nor Gore had a nice title page and I m just going say this is blogger.php etc. How are hidden to block the PHP code to load incident to your libraries to reverse the show eliminations and for his and Laura PHP you can then use and loader loading any other capacity in this case reasons in cheated a thin sheet of worry and send you to client on the sink events in cheated great discussed earlier in your client login is used to go with her unpleasant place was good to have a party or block the PHP code and get the water so didn t reason client log in the chief advocate up some other options values here are awesome and I ll try you to go and log in without ever seeing users password is really great for workouts since it protects the user surgery was as the recruit instances in cheated service class and hot water service from there is to go ahead and get a list of all users purple streak rated new Cory this URL does tapestry or refuge with all the blogs available for user this is doctrine of code will come and then we go and use the water service to go and fetch the feed from there we just couldn t truck the first blog is weaker now and we get the title the blog s URL and URL of the feed from Apple something to note here is the title will you normally think of it as string is actually an XML element is that you can have very Saturday CB sure to ask your quest for text I was posting and this applies to any other extension elements as well and they receive you and Prof. below this number you can do this successfully fetched the first blog ever loaded as the next page and it looks good as good news and little more trusting is going to Schieffer told what was available on this blog so begin constructing new Cory and the use the blog feed your old picture earlier within again use the service to go to his feet and we iterate through every single entries were in here every entry or walk reach blockbuster unit struck the roof of a blog post in the title and split amongst criminals who refresh the page and is it successfully fetched on what was available soon on a stone was going certainly possible submission code reform their sister s normal post to the exact same page right now as Tim puts text field name title text or anybody and you considered your right now this is marketing its luster to directly fetch the first blog will check to see proceeding at the forms completely empty with anything but the birth things that were going to create a brand-new entry popular the title the content using title and content extension elements and they just grab the title and the body from the post and then use the service cost insert that into the blog using directory receives from her time and switch back to the browser by going to the title here so the world this is a sample post and continue to do the post appears in the list if I reload the blog s index appears there and if I click on the poster here he takes us to the beach etiquette post or learn more check out the PHP getting started by the companies as we URL zones Center manual contains in-depth information about working with and for modules including the conference and for finally be sure to keep this and forgive you reference an earlier hand available framework does not call/API doc/core help you got a good start watching and happy coding


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