AdWords API Tutorial (5 of 9) – Campaigns

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

campaign case campaigns

Words represents bad objects as a sort of a layered structure so the campaign is viewed to talk the top layer plan it stores information by targeting information about about a set of ads so things like when the start date and end date for for those ads are how much money you re willing to spend on ads and stuff like aware that their ads will actually run on the many kids is more complex targeting as well as it if you want for example if you wanted your day parting and only run your ads during certain times of day except for so idiotic campaign or would create will be present both of you will have to much additional targeting in their as we did with our previous caller to first set up the service or using child advocates that when we will get lower saw them as the same be set up the that the service or using some for manipulating campaigns in this case can be the campaign service on a number to instantiate our campaign object and will just provide a bunch of details about our campaigns of the first importance that is our campaign name and in Edwards campaign names for for each of your accounts have to be unique so we re doing in this case is for suggesting that you put in a timestamp incident cost will hear some scroll over suggesting that we put in a timestamp along with your campaign name and in this case are calling it sample campaign can call it whatever you want so as her sons were incrementally building up our programmer to be running this code over and over again if we just get a static name we be trying to create a new campaign with the same name over and over intricate as ours case of next we set the status of our campaign to active you could be creating campaign in apostate if you wanted to set something up and not actually have it run at that point and the next will give our campaign a daily budget so as Jeff was just noting on the way that we store that information in Edwards is a little bit unique user unit called micros and that represents 1 million micros represents the fundamental unit of currency in whatever no currency denomination you have set so for example if were using UST as we are in this case 1 million micros is equivalent to one US dollar and the way we had reason to have were multiplied by thousand here is 1000 micros is the equivalent of one penny so in this case are setting a budget to 500 pennies are five dollars for a safe thousand volts RMS is a 10,000
set R. where our ads are to run so in this case were setting our network type to search network and that means that the portion of the ad sense network that has search functionality so sites like AOL and courses included in there as well and in the far-off far our campaign using the ad campaign method and at this point we should have a live campaign before we move on Virginia store the campaign ID into a local variable here and the reason we re doing that is as we add as we build up this campaign and add some objects underneath it where we want them all to be associated with this top-level campaign sort of store that Campaign ID as we treat other elements for the feedback campaign ID into them so in order to make sure that that work would retrieve all the.Edwards campaigns that was created under our count and we do that with is that they get all average campaigns method it takes a dummy integer variables on this case were just discussing in a zero on you can literally put in any integer there and it should work and returns an array of campaign objects which we are then iterate through and one by one will print out the campaign names xb9 campaign the results that we get should be our single campaign and in this case will have that the timestamp shown that you begin your campaign name plus a timestamp if you use but that the same setup that we had your area for any credentials of the folks who are up about your Mozilla and things and you might actually get some point we reach the limit on the number of active campaigns are going to want to attract further out from that simple account earlier for but if everybody keeps running it again and again is one of the variable you want to enrich the limit on the number of campaigns is out-so that s a worse incentive to newsroom joke nuptials if you re not using your internal financial credentials than actual interest pop up a quick and my morning news a difference on accounts on this product is also the maximum confidence so instead of specifying crimes per one is for crimes which do work on_three or something like the on our new unit is basically the same faults if you drag the campaign was earlier the maximum number of campaigns actively accounts of the fatuous offensive on the lookout for a


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