Saving Data in the PortletSession: Managing Portal State JEE

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number session message

Hi sure CGA certification guides hostile webmaster of couple of a great site shows a SU judoka producer for the rather acoustic couple dropped my book charging to your boss expense account and are also just was quick, a Google or two from my website to help support the Sony Northwest chairwoman sponsors are up to is going to do right now wasn t just her some work on this number just report what the fuss is iterating over a little onslaught of some session support this particular plot what I doesn t work with basic wishes to a number district/for numbers and the numbers three innocence movie Spartacus again yesterday and it is far than just the same outputs are really not intelligent and Wells continues to function with the truth will urologic choosing her team for handling and to do so but to improve the show that I can keep guessing at magic number magic number can be generated randomly and why just a quick number it gives me a message gets hotter lower to provide some feedback to so I got some code from my book like to use the code from a book just to make sure that it all works internal compiles work properly about replacing my old code and some code that works important session I should mention that I would be manipulating portal session inside the render phase of the Portland corresponds to do view to edit to help methods are Irish managing the ports session inside the action processing phase report what to do about practice manager session inside of the rendering phase but I m sure to keep things simple right now and all I ll add action action handling cool but later this is how is this enumeration work was sick at the ports session and a check to see if his magic number important session and if there s not a word to stuff there is no magic number the session while I create one system current release percentage 9+1 prison magic number between one and 10 items stuff that into the session, stuff number zero concessions users guess is that magic number or considered just as a lowercase number of message I guess the number so magic number is in all this is the first time coming into this particular portal I m if it s not the first time into the sport of homosexual but means is they ve just numbered it just number one find out how what that number is that this right so we kind of figure with the magic number is shown in figure 3 guesses stored inside the session home increased up by one from the back of the session actually get the number was guessed by the user and if the number three hole business value gasps of its users guess is actually greater than magic number with little message into the session messages to explore otherwise in secession approval message that says just higher in a what if the user actually guesses the correct number while this was that it is correct to play again and when we put the message of the session and a little bit of the session handling directly remove the magic number from the session that role but once you don t need a value in the session should remove it and not what s not hanging around so avoid session bloat allergist forward to her number gesture.JSP page which will display a dynamic message depending on when we got the answer right and just for the test fire a couple changes made to make my JSP as well against the new chance to just confirm that all code my book does compile properly or you pick up a book and trend examples that don t work from trying to avoid at all costs to take a look at my old number gesture JSP your quick flash about right there on no information important session nothing about a message on a secure page will do is I ll put in mind new portal code here knows that I get the message report of session surrender her quest to get ports session… you do message percentage equals just prints that message out some suggest artists or serpentine as I have a little vendor URL are making sure that we link back the portal that in future versions regime that action attention to trigger action are you are all supposed to render your own for getting this number is pulled out inside important session can see here is to get the number to type into the text field and also for the user his number guessers at Utah and was a request to get ports session Judge Bute guesses and of course guesses has to match exactly the value of guest church or all lowercase letters all spelled exactly as a quick use const const provides I m just avoid any problems with a good everything seems compile in this case from going to do when you right-click from a number just report and say run server after doing a file save on making sure that everything is saved and I m only there to reduce in to sure on the number just report is available to the poor love available assertions are all mixed up somewhere restart the particular project number gesture Portland is restarted closer window make no changes heard her say were discovered something was messed up in session or will now receive a window onto your number between one to bomb Iraq should have this little up with your number guesses was reading zero concessions from number five is just lower the number for the just lower November 2 two is correct play again this is all working very well and there suggests higher salary to my little received for just lower for fiscal one and structural suffered such a good sport in this number five just for one was correct choosing food in this number one desire there until five this higher eights of a slower son for this all day real subscribe to see everything here seems to be working fairly well as a couple of usability issues that we can work on this and that about that but that the basic idea of number guessing game is working now what do you do when emphasizes that we are doing some session management inside of the the rendering phase of the Portland was redoing session management inside the action processing phase of the summit walkout in a future iteration of the number gesture Portland also said I m the webmaster of and him since he took calm during a job certified despicable couple copies of messages certification guide or pick up a copy of what is Webster of plus copies charge into your boss your expense account should be able to put five or 10 books on the expense coproduced with bondage of expense account will please have a research echo what so my sponsors are doing here on the record, a good letter to and end up support the site as that s it for now blessing the state is happy for


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