AdWords API Tutorial (7 of 9) – Ads

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

ad text run

So are added salt on him and the most basic sort at consist of two parts which is the creative actual thing that the user sees which recall an ad in Edwards and then there is the keyword part Tom which is triggered by either a user s search query of course or I m in the case of ad sense when there is no search query the content of the page so we sort of did use a more key words make sense based on what content is available in a page I m so likely have before first going to set up our service which in this case will be the notes are working out of an ad for sorting you see at service and like we have enough bypass examples we just instantiate or are at object Dorgan be creating a text ad which is for the most basic form of an ad text that consists of you have your headline which is 25 or less characters and there s a couple lines of description each of which are 35 or less characters and then there s the display world which is also 35 characters sort of bassinet group ID that we ve gathered in impasse steps then throw in a headline a line of description and a second line of description in the past and our destination URL which was to be at 1024 characters I believe something that you in our destination URL and have before been set the status to enabled and then we re ready to pass out into the ad heads method which takes an array of a bad objects senators were just going in an array of one object and assure that our ad was actually created the ring called at all ads will return again and array of ad objects and will iterate through the array make sure that it s a text at first fault we had our John went over or at least touched on a couple of the other types of ads we have image ads in those sorts of things we re just checking that we have indeed have the text that and then we re going to print out the headline of the text that in case of Java were protesting that generic ad into a text editor for redo the because for the other advertisers know concept of other headline necessarily so we can test the enemies they get headline if you use the same text that we have in our example you should get output that looks like this stuff on the go ahead to let them run it in her Syracuse turned out to your recruiters so there s some automated approvals that we do him and you find out about those instantly injure him in the return from that method call and then there are manual approval to happen us to your content I believe the turnaround time is something on the order of a couple of days but I m not 100% sure about the honorable about it. I can say about him will want to have a nice simple sepulcher probably in a production application reviewed wanderers before consecrating of two years enough to be of service will check us which will run your others through the same sort of wrong time. Approval system that awarded for adding us to him will flag any ads at seem to violate any of our own universe of proposing guidelines I assumed I would be things like using our trademarks within are the benefit of Donna sort of opposition used a loss of a restrictions on advertising things with pharmaceuticals without having a vowel sign up for a penny 1000 agendas in our back on it you can buy from Sioux Falls Lutheran in the evolution of recently running on either those your in automotive Ford motors and counsel Jennifer and I propose a some situations would you provide basically free-form text explaining why you should be able to run on and is a method that is basically an additional field in the yard after a specified update for all of them one additional thing about multiple XML do is if you re running on if you violate any of the automated approval checks him will immediately run your ad on will have to wait on you to run on pieces of the ad sense network you want to run your… on other peoples sites Justin to come in and you ll manual approval usually was within about 24 hours although depending on volume and timing you know exactly globally invented wiki could be picked up your surfing around since the first of a single optical track a person of interest out as if any of them don t do happen to trigger your flight RNs this windowsill. I m not baffling to take care of exemption request is coming to consider checkouts for them that way on its adding 10,000 at a time it was out up in future flight RNs than in charcoal and go through it and I thought of it been since lesson check Lazard s first exemption request that you need to amount out along with your printer talking several for success that we can also see the money in terms of the code in the direction it s been home and just talking about the exemption also this is the field within the out objects on exemption across the screenwriter is different depending on whether it will be slightly different set of Java pictures porn sex exemption requests on that objects and the subscription of. Is this greater characters as to why you think you re out should run on a food that s been much analogous to you if you re using words web interface and get up out of print out the triggers a stop to ask for such information public assistance was for you if it s for the benefit of the manual approval or older read that text


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