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data want event

Are grinning on a story of faith along so I don t think I will did I get to find out and talking of old and it is in your deluded ITI and also I didn t also saw on getting your more seminars with what it is about and how you can use it for your development focuses on from me all kind of the time I found your new country like I want music iPhone is as good a gorgeous tool like it s some kind of the Stuart McCarthy somehow I got to Are you trying the fuss endlessly on the conflict with the this is like really total conflict with something so elegant that actually light up really what if we have a uniform way of interpreting them with my looking at what I will do for not like to get going with is the speaking of which uniform it is a good and just like our primary move is to go to heaven using the remote farm on the hopelessness like one of the key things which have done a reasonably afflicted with sailing on different applications like a spreadsheet of Kevin or I would visit the drop zone wounded at a constant motivation to be able to share that information with you with your obligations “we would contract with Google for that time forgot to make it easier actually need to have a consistent interface so it is a government which obligation you re talking about economic and business abilities and obligations of it I cannot B. is what the same thing same principles applies to be seen and so it seems easier to get an opportunity with a double silhouette of a follow-up like like a consistent way of exposing little information signal which I would like to quote Bob Jonny slut Mejia said Bob Meister grew the Yahoo platform sting of a liturgy at a first-time mind that is talking about how we cannot manage semantic data Web is like getting the data are updating the data are warning it would visit the information it if it gets amuck much tougher problem it for providing consistent interface to do that is actually something which is not that easy silly doing the things they like anything assume what you does undergo doing that for a wide range of problems… K. were trying to achieve so that also besides I looks like a good history on Nokia and a white wisdom of the weight assigned the data forms like to go through that specific examples for how we use. I like to know what it means to use the exclusive Center wants to the fuss what is likely to expose the yes true story within who was employed as a user you have your post that you it is later called sans accompaniment for your documents of the drop so you you want to be able to ask for my programmatically from on-site and the other part of it is we can t expect all this ongoing post from sin by licensing having different types by Ehrlich is coming from a specific program in which our document or a machine shop went on not only just that what Ozzy can be a anagram related to stop gullible or unfriendly” citizen to what you re trying to ask them if they would ask the nation to Judas tries to solve the two problems like one is exposing on the salsa and also managing open-source projects without the it s easier for you to develop your tools on top of those open-source projects like me to looking at the four spot for exposing these data s wife difficult like we re deliberately different account of how we can do it their lifetime because you don t want to attend out enough genius in the past I m really focusing on the enabling Sosa spoke to each other our exposing interface itself for the services which are reminiscent neither does the get of this unit is all right to get a form at suspicions like it, are the sole and often have used on PCs will become a combination on to family for exposing your legacy systems of the announcement is in development with SMS based on vacation of a uniform way of accessing information about the delivered all of these technologies like me to jot down the basic requirements so we want a simple data particle xb7 what s included a vertical of it should be a data format that is easily understandable and not only that but also like a super new job will the courts are the data about what we are talking about the different entities we should be having a uniform way of addressing those entities what s better than the way we address the pages but it is not really famous because it is a consistent way of an information everything is attached if you are so you do have it be unique consistent way of addressing social sneak up on data for the development and the other part is sought not to just get on the data but also I want to have a way to filter that information a one of you according for specific information time and just know that I ll once again that it was one who would in the end for presentation proposals are also I want to like movement was in commission I would want the ability to modify that information is stored back in the data store soon in the August requirements to walk six weather for requirement to him are the technologies between the stated reasons all but Adam Morris was based on syndication format along with the atom publishing portable benefit weather with our quadrants will go we cannot embrace these are technologies and moved on top of these technologies and excited us Judaica so Judaica is nothing but it s an extension of the standards and advocacy Consortium for atom syndication format and atom publishing vertical on top of that would be good was the syndication, defines the data format for your feet and the protocol specifies the God litigation mechanic among Hollywood contract system is the basic custody based get put the different untroubled of the booth and with extensions basins in some other part got extended data from our primary because you have some custom data which doesn t fit in the basic Law list of plot and some of the initiatives on the atom syndication format on a number that also you won t extend according to this the other two key features or concurrency and authentication underdog (more like brother and your legs shut a spreadsheet of different and with a few editing at the same time so you wonder how consistent way of blogging that you can afford to lose more to do with the indifferent constant focus on authentication it s been a little bit of a socialist topic within the business not part of Judas as efficient due to use us for a standard that would authentication mechanism on the inevitable applicable options over the tech stock with extensions to dissolve your familiar with XML data format namespace of the item specifies its own namespace admits that what would it cheated or would have done it taken in theand also added that the United States to all of the common elements of the return created within the go or when properties are part of gene and space other two reasons all to this extensions Dittemore Lexington was the basic elements for example it s on start up a calendar event xb7 what a calendar event in our nation like what this event is for unknown select information at 1 to 7 start from 4 PM to 5 PM and what happens so lazily someone when and where are there most of the specialize of this agreement so those are defined in species of electing the elements of the rich recalls types and also the kinds “those elements and for why a specialized meaning for that group of elements or because I m savored as a calendar you have a group of elements which constitute the count argument which is a GUI when element were adamant and also like that you won t sentence reminder list of things signal for our clients all blue beta testers by him as has three clients on tax revenue for unique user contracts on events as the government s message is finally for her like a feedback to the agreements it out the next couple slightly talking but it was late that a lot of the money going to focus too much and that some of the idea here is to emphasize so in an atom feed which you get out of G. data there to keep it as one of the basic course of elements and also you have the extensions so this is a sound sample at the monkey off our calendar event which is for a good something about integrating data with the imaginary propagation that the whatsit of us bought the core atom elements so you have the IDs published updated guidance of these these are coming from the war out of specification one of the key things we like about the new syndication format that they require you to have it unique identifier for each of the data elements which are published of the suit which is what makes it easier for throwing a consistent interface for entering results the second part will be highlighted it on the elements of Torah define IP jihad against these to the why and where what is the status of this event that has been canceled by listening components of that second line we troubled like the kind reason for specifying these kinds or categories for each of the entries is safer example other than a low cross the state I m in total looking at it feed which is the just maximum document I am crossing it been looking at an event I don t expect so there likes some results of the elements which say the David is even kind that I don t like what to expect on the entry so that some debate going on lately that we need to look up user category as a way to specify as a description of the entry but a good something which have been going back and forth in one of the day tomorrow on the next be the porting of feet up where you are sure from your web built on the use of winter like to know your rights and read what is simply exported art and religion morsels to get on each of the properties of a couple that s what I can not wait for a friend Mike and John are again living remorselessly like savior of your ruffled by them and that you have tags associated with each of the firms like it when you re going aboard this event you want to associate in tax GD 07 AU Sudan thoughts on those tax are likely to be done because it s more on the customized properties like when it was lost updated our light go see if it is like a spreadsheet I want to know is one of the entries which are from rule 10 to 12 conducted against the admin Roman Macs will benefit not only that also G8 at per white of feeds in different formats not just atom format which is the default out they have also format can also cause just on former citizens family for exhausted probation of it in your process if you want the picture feeds in your web browser and presented within the Rosen is Jason out one key difference between these different formats or only atom is regrettable so we can such read the information and then he can make changes on posted by Bob Parsons in Tucson with only one of the update of the Dogwood updates GT cards so one is like I want to create a new entry so I m writing a blog about the statements on continuing to seek a new post in to a feed link which is part of the at a future warning should you want to delete an entry positive for them I don t like Clinton s feedback particularly if someone so we can delete entry and updating an entry celebrating entries if you fetch his entry of it in his latest blog post for this event and I want to change our comments to the Ottomans that in entry and Atkinson and all of these new one, not between all of this is each of them you can even be too late know exactly what it have to get the soulless first one that I have to gotten inside of an identifier feed on anything other than an entry can see each of the entries have that one atom elements which are called links within them which you get to you read this information goes to so you can use that information proposed delete or put to going to have a complete reference of history of the hierarchy of whether this argument was in XP is optimistic concurrency is a providence that for example I have a given entry which do the largest in the world and get the same motion one of the entry and then that would ve trying to make an scene of an agreement that this is adamantly and what I m trying to make an edit and then with the Chinese government so the one request from Sioux Falls among the washing is automatically updated Washington other than the second worst comes to actually cause a modification or someone which is not the current washing the system to which messages a day is a conflict so you have to face the latest portion you changed so this is actually a really blue specific implementation that has been some talk about God using all touched him of the tax is a much more standardized way out for an armed conflict cell phone so so so within the bistro of crude operations which is probably we might put towards the direction of effects but are now adopted the conflicts are handled by but in future to the last piece of proposal on security and authentication for all of your data is stored within Google focuses solution is if you need to get the data unless it is like published in the public public phone you need to authenticate to the soulless city putting up on what type of application you re using C. it can be gave us a mystification arcana of his David is the best obligation what he can do is begin onto user to enter the username password with any obligation so it is the television than we assume that the user trust that obligation to be secure so the use and abuse America and your obligation is going to go who has to be up and give what authentication was to be blue opponents was going about it is an asset in essence it back without authenticate the suing a subsequent that I should exchange is given for the opposition has in the pages of the program which I bought for this automated system so then some transitions and born without any cognizant about the information the exchange the other type of publication say I m writing a judge s navigation and the I want to display the thought uses calendar and is the one in which is what happens is that the fortification has to redirect me authentication request to Google authentication soulless with a
thing to do it once you authenticate it you back for coming with a security token for this continues to the users when you enter the username and password on the loose over speech sites not going to be caught on the third-party site and then went in who gets that quest looks at the obligation which is making the trip was on which is admittedly a proxy which is making the West but that NSA is a guy thing list of authenticate their dog obligations that the justifications and artist repetitions than automatically withdraw slim but then when you are in wanting to thought that registered obligation than a ghost gives you one thing of a business owner Justin do trust him so that he views it as an review the security token for the gong or the obligation to again here insists a very into a specific authentication and and that has been some debate with suspect like without it is the right way to install is a centralized authentication system so far has walked while we are like golf or Pacific Islander real excitement will or 6 million hits a day with a judo so I think it s wanting what someone looks like a big combine comes through when rooms are putting all these pieces together the next lives I would like
like from both the Google calendar application how do you use G. data to who the create retrieve or update and delete operations so they want to create a calendar event so this is a condiment lunch with Joe and so this is starting on so-and-so date and will where s the event happens what you only need to do is create a demonstrative quest with eczema boy which is submitted to this entry wanted to add that when it starts where happens and you opposed to the UR unique URL for that particular users got under sing this case I m adding objects to the UR is also likely to suffer from entering so you have the base URI which is within the space and then you have a unique ID which is and then others who got additional practice which are more like a President-elect some specifics at this specific to the obligation to do a simple enter to want to do that I get as she does on fact it s okay to upgrade outdated this event and this is the content of the humans are just created if you notice there s a new element I added this automobile was the identity identifier to the identifier is on the generator so on the Adam Smith isn t it wiser to have a unique identifier and wooden vases and therefore use the next time you want your foot is even forbidden than he does in a reference to the site society and that has one of supplements is vehemently with his April Anglican photographs for now you want to get a popular event so one who is on their get out the calendars feed your meaning is lost by singer in the its essentials and this is the future of Sophie and thanks the general structure is the him and they have each of the eight event was in the calendar is present in entries with him that the Sims is there one entry which is the point of the hundreds which is great and if I want to update an event so I created an event now I want to change the company is what happens so I have been an effort for the agreement I couldn t entry without I can than today am convicted to you where the child and then posted to the UR or the particular event of an automatically but you would get us wanting to have updated and then this is the new washing of the event I am then it has been updated since the loss to me >changes that it is possible to do what the things which happens automatically the face elements that you don t control on the client side with our conference was that I wanted an event and what illegal on a debate that URI of the event which I want to delete a mighty good as complex and obey the event has been the reason I am us going to all these usual samples is because it is that you would solicit your using it as blogger are God or cheat or because of the episodes of the mechanism to add a new event or modify a new entry or monitoring entry or a bit infantry is the same suitable to the same basic forces. Process it is but you would solicit a sum that the slide explains little bit about like holding URLs on both of his more information focus on the on the obvious you have a force of his job is your and then within that you have identifier to generate output that can be modulated for and gets a calendar in Outlook and even tidier than five and also what other feeds which have especially mean within the context of gun to we talked with the core features of G. data so jaded as a framework so you don t you won t see at the G-8 obligation when he was the intimidation for you to these of the solar cells which implemented on the next was there one APIs at based dollar calendar code such notebook because of the bottoms spreadsheet to the idea behind all of this is use G. data at the consistent way of exposing information stored into the cells but also a lot of other services which are in the pipeline so humans who overly weakens the all England data can be exposed through ticket owning that not only on the suicide of us manage with client libraries are what you see who is an indifferent line of different languages of Simmons in order of Judah is basic, should one of these libraries do this for why they up abstract object notation for those with some of it is that he donated we were crossing for yourself and if you are working in a specific language and the personal library of relevant defender RT parse the eczema is a excellent response you ll need to have been an elaborate that that s the advantage of having a easily understandable data from the job is the object saw good to see you got to does interesting story like wanted from him into when she does have it object is whoever you like my arm that isn t a diluted one so that the toys are sold out of these libraries are like a foot of individual people also would be one to ask us to get a through their language demo with the the the the the the the the also be how makes him popular libraries are the people of this are like a competing open-source management solutions and we have tons of the tradition of the to get you started on also like Bordeaux that s a pretty good by giving examples in each of the languages and basic steps like authenticating and also like getting a simple entry fetching the data center can pretty much obvious from the documentation also vehemently active dollop of community and also a support group so we elected in for quite a sensible group constantly wondering what users want and contractor exposed that nations with APIs K. of the next three or four slides of his about like different applications which use G. data in the back and visibly critical locations on the plus one I m been from it and I m in called others they eyed we got it just maps your daily events that will calendar on a local exotic online not editing tool such as the photos from the Picasso account for the user unending candidate on the defensive back because this all happens with Judah in the back of their lifetime management lifetime of Angie blogging tools which uses the spreadsheet API and got it to us and think of something I mentioned the morning am this is a format I got integration of this is one of the deputy go up while a mobile router gadget obligation on which no foot traffic would do interesting work and unable up it was a televised integer counter never once when I like to make created tournaments is not a think of addition is the previous saw the previous Augmon like this I got integration of his moral click at a Trenton courier will calendar and was like I was being late October with a lot of what uses it seemed like a lot of traffic from the submissions in the moral conditions I would sure like the it s a noisily taken away when the intuitive concept because of jealous of what pretty much in place your ad supported by the black offers that I ve been forced to begin pretty much is out from them was the unending automating the notification was when somebody makes a bit garlic you up with the other thing that they wanted another estimates somebody would set out for a product that is uses blue base hit in the back and for storing the information so assumes you want to place him on I don t increase entering the web-based and then not idolaters and wanting to do what is the data of the notification some of which we been so what did this life out where blogger does like the way to Lake Andrew blog entries to blogspot from the Zogby director and I like to show you demo of quake of massively created does this if we don t find leverage of the state uses the spreadsheet said at a candidate I can listen to it really cool thing is like once you offenders would G-8 up you must do what you want me to himself like a tacit information from one system to system Mark fetching information from different systems and present them in your own presentation layer so you anything you want so here we have a given publisher in obligation when does those dates a list of events and to store in a Google spreadsheet and then it publishes those events to the will calendar on Google base said at those humans who got on with it and then one of them to come back with a identifier for the end users have created under in the ID is automatically updated in the spreadsheet tossing of ages is the ID into a base for the agreement and with that so have a tomcat server on the machine down so those of us that she thought I was talking about silent list of five dollar grievance which are listed like a district upon the Google developer calendar and so does the way simplification so I m going to a sense of obligation I need to authenticate the user side” of the username and password on this obligation configuration now actually I m contacting the city the previous agreement to my local obligation and I m been authenticate method authenticated readout as we look, owns got the username and password on the on the advice of obligation of the local host given publisher data not really a don t really know what justification do you want a trusted this news is the office of the way of authentication into contracts as and the government did not speak a security to opposition program to my local obligation not to spreadsheet for the user wanted about what the governor would conference events limited the Google conference events so $2007 grievance and Mr. chicken among the law worksheets to these of because columns I was looking for vanities of the God Collins iPhone sites is all right in my program Simon overstatements so these are the humans which I read from because project is important and went on the screen s and so have two options that I can publish the calendar I based someone published both Symantec published what is going to asides goodness and it would request to our calendar on based and automatically updates the the the URI for her book the new entries attempted and will calendar on his little slow to not see the governor euros with a Soros of interest to just create such done and I m going to refresh my calendar site I see the events in my calendar and also I can see my items in Google base developer they were lots of really cool because for when used blue of safety data store it gives you the flexibility you want whenever you do for you I can dual boot through the unit s would that he comes off like where we are right now most of the data format on the present edition pharmacology app exchange | Senate is enough to lick a lot of features which need to be there likely for something like I m talking about something automatic notification from I am so was like somebody creates a new event hoping to get automatic notification so the ghost of Sing Sing type of requirements are not there yet but also like a knife you want to get a video together completed as Norway afflicted the postulate that of the little things which need to be done on “Google don t look on it gives you to get more and wanted to start out with using one of work landlubbers and then Thursday to the popular vote is likely can publish this information anywhere you want evidence of a drug we got that part can be anything you need and published the information to a mouse movements and saliva banks were


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