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feed RSS community this proves and I will show you how to do some of the great things on podcast Who s I realize that this is a very big website and with some of the tools you can do some really great things on this website under tutorial we will talk about how to participate on the new podcasting community RSS feed it only takes five minutes to set up so first of all you need to login to your account service can go ahead and log in to my podcast Who s account that you can see my number string when you go down you ll see why here it is participate in the podcast Who s Who community RSS feed all you need to do is enter the URL of any of your MP3s or your enclosures from you RSS feed and simply click the participate by the NSA it s really that simple folks you can actually see yourself on a new podcast or Who s community are see by clicking on the link and you ll see that you are in the list of the community RSS feed now you may be wondering what exactly is that a community RSS feed and how does it differ from a radar since he was a community RSS feed you can include any one of your MP3s to be listed with other podcast theirs as well so all the podcasts will promote the same feed and it is also good for iTunes even put this on your own website and everybody who participates can just basically post a link on their blogs and podcasts to website and every podcasts are on his feet will be promoted along with yours this differs from a regular RSS feed in effect at the major RSS feed you have one podcasts are with all of their podcast on it which is great if you want to promote yourself what was cool about the community are see that you get instant viral marketing that is if this is Bruce E. I hope you will login and of course this log into your account into your address for any MP3s and click the participate button and you automatically be listed right on the community RSS feed and you can change it as often as you like take care folks


~ by bitahatini on December 21, 2008.

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