Developing Spreadsheets Gadgets

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~spreadsheet gadgets why they work and how to develop some mystery you I m just a matter of luck spreadsheets and had to get up to speed on developing spreadsheet gadgets you may already be familiar with Google spreadsheets an online spreadsheet application that allows for real-time collaboration is part of a Google docs we spreadsheet gadgets are rendered HTML that reinstated and visualizes it from Google docs spreadsheets for example you spreadsheet gadgets for interactive timeseries is Gantt chart s novel visualizations is gadgets can be embedded in spreadsheets or publisher I Google page or any external page cool I think I will so how do these gadgets work developing spreadsheet gadgets is straightforward that is XML wrapped HTML JavaScript or flash running and I frame a walk you through your frustration gadget if you re at all familiar with Google APIs you recognize that were just combining the visualization API and the gadgets API reuse the visualizations API to retrieve data from spreadsheets and the gadgets API specify settings and XML restart with the gadgets XML header this allows us to specify the gadgets name thumbnail and configurable user preferences sister writing a gadget that will visualize spreadsheet data for one of user preferences to be the URL of the data source we can now specify the gadgets behavior with HTML and JavaScript was overloading the Google, JavaScript loader and defining a dip to put our results and now load the visualization API to send a query to the spreadsheet server this call is asynchronous when the data arrives handle query response will be called and now we reach the core logic first lecture the cruise process all right and then get the data out of the query at this point we can start building up a channel string that want to gadget to display performing where translations we won along the way finally remove the generated HTML into the gadget and close out the gadgets XML specification are the tools I can use during development and debugging so glad you asked Justin one option is a Google gadget editor which runs built-in Web hosting is also the gadget itself that so you can edit your Google page I d recommend configuring that I Google tabs as one column wide to you plenty of space for editing are there any other options of course you can use a text editor or a different IDE for editing and project hosting on Google code or your own web space for hosting greats with my gadget is online at or debug in a Google docs spreadsheet go to insert gadget select custom and paste the URL of your gadget there be sure to add? No cash to the URLs and submit any code changes can be reflected in the sheet with a simple refresh click okay and they are your gadget is a disgrace and a coda quadrant charts gadget great idea when it s ready for prime time so that you gadgets the spreadsheet gadgets galleries of the loads of Google docs users can embed as a ploy your gadget highlighted that its own documentation that you very much Justin is a pleasure a time to get the docs for more info and good luck you go just in Iraq no thank you just an unknown but really it s all you using to really know your stuff I m listening to you


~ by bitahatini on December 22, 2008.

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