flash ActionScript – designing cell game part 2

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

make grab I’m

To do with the is this what you hold shift and they will put in the exact same position and then just go grab this and get rid of this negative so here it is going to make a duplicate of a sign I try in August in naming this stuff will name this the number three and number four now accordingly if we go to work action script we just grab these two grab this one we just switch this race is very in order for unnoticed that this wasn t mastered this was manner of green okay so I m passing notice that we have to go on but we still need.2 connect this one too is snow on while we did get our own sin and we got our mom blows her time in my shape and we re going to begin making a these little circle handles basically what incentive do with the farther away the dot is from the center via wider our character will be and although in this one I did have three of them for this one I m going to have one I might come back to it and make a number one of them that are now sound as good as it s a center at going to make it a little bigger this will be the ruler clip obviously I want to skip lines are made duplicate this actually know what you re output back into small wood just to make it bigger and five .right-click and duplicate symbol was just making another entire instance of either the same or from Sabine finder_this is probably the hardest part is in this graph line finder was call it rolled rolled when I was a very curious that my dad in my mind for it with seconds to was desperate and so were you back then let s get over the fact and start making a rolling ball much better that you then I m going to make Nice moral circle going to put this directly inherently cheerful to make it sort of it expands my mouse but centered in the middle were going to just make this line and get rid of that a lot smaller I think this home yes he will call this line finder or thoughts and see you on so it s going in and I fear we will make ye a writer I m just going to benefit us and call it a line finder_roller_.com talked on.now this will be big of an instance which I venture funds with this one is right over there and the think you guys could see that all I did was go to type in one option and six this is exactly what you want to type on it and so now that we have our blood and an essay on press for lunch Friday wrong number for a return of this or that your way that should do it yes we can now drag this long to learn about and find a little bit later now that we got this start trying to go back to be my finder E. Cisco to make and Clinton refused to load I am losing time and scope your and we are going to need to actually let s just do it individually under known for this I will actually need to go ahead and grab some code will work this I forgot that I needed to let code and it s just a file in your flashing folder and this is a marked difference of one thing I did TV it is the geo-point since grab that put it in the theater and basically all assisted the something I will tell you how far away your stuff is whatever so then we headed how far away is this from zero and to do this we ll done and needed to go to your grab this and we just call it cheaply than going to a kung fu master clock now that this goes in a stinging treat a local variable now depending on the global variable all things will differ for example right here I m going to put him on the bench to claim this once with a this_Y. equals_level or she will this in this list are all you need to go ahead and put a phone in your source symptoms are so then it certainly cheaply one is_120 here? Give them something wrong inside the clip of Disney s beauty and so now you see a


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