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A him and though produce us a great opportunity for us to get dinner at a face-to-face mind when we run our remove the movie they seem who had the newsletters in London Susan and work in the Mountain View office in this talk about the movie is this a good person who offers a lot of the guys I party vendors and sessions on Windows maroons of the Google data APIs of his religious leave you all want to get this one when it comes to deprive her of the Ajax APIs others or most popular maps in search of these which even some of Google s user interface onto your website get a lot of features of Google maps and shield applications of making accurate content that was APIs gadgets is a pretty popular also basically are all of our services we try to make for dramatic access for developers to create applications aware about the Google data APIs and I said Fulton delegated APIs so I mean by that is for the various news services calendar blogger spreadsheets of me and to give your child a 70s interface of the sepia in which enables many services we can a lot of great feedback about the latest launch a year ago this close I have a high-level view of what it means if we have a single protocol to access all the kinds of structured data on the Internet and Google s replace incubated protocol is because we have some users because lives in Wisconsin and we arrive a wide range of services from calendar order based to try and create a generic API and protocol can access different types of structured data of the other preventive Google data APIs gives you access to school services that are to have huge user bases as well confident that the unit of play around with mashup and was obsolete to get really excited to do this for developers because you can create your own location also and you have millions of users and are not that we create something useful and creative I can get a lot of exposure of waxing confident that they are that Google provides so the goals of debate I really wanted with the goals of Google itself tomatoes to Jamaica was information universally accessible of some rehab will services such as you see here and uses a party to submit a lot of contents of that and restructure them into use different services we have our own data structures of the women that data accessible to use developers to make accessible to your end-users so in order to do that we ve taken the services we ve add this API is an extension to the service itself but that s not really helping us quite a homeless are favored in a programming language is XML uniformly is one of these drivers support right now to support these five are pretty popular languages figured it was not merely that some people develop their own client libraries initially helps developers get started quickly with the Google data APIs you can download his car libraries and sample code in their endurance running right away I will show an example so will with what is Google data was the protocol was wasn t nearly so the rest is protocol of which are supposed to soak up space on the atom publishing protocol and actually just has a few extensions of atmosphere it s simple it s just XML us is lots of tools for parsing XML in order to languages and standardize it works with AP in their syndication format on this and why provide everything we need so we have some extensions for our data services versus just the data model itself so with Google calendar you have more information than we can reasonably handle with just a few feet of conflict events our times and participants with the Google base your whole source of extensions to the data they store the another issues of concurrency since so many users and hopefully lots of third-party developed applications when they should does not conflict it my application your application to access the same hour of interview with the concurrency problem 30 squares and they were Google love to get the data indexes and search it up slowly to death as we have a number of ways that you can access your data once it s been indexed and finally authentication a lot of the content on Google for these services is private information calendars spreadsheets and documents there is private information that information that the user knows your corporate applications can access it is interchangeably whenever Celine Vogelstein supplementation with all that together yet Hillary referred to as a DVD will also example that you so this is the cheated representation of the calendar event and I won t bore you by going through this line by line on is a lot of information here but we don t take away here is in Paladin Bluebeard is the standard EPL s nevermind the and author of the entry title for the event and some content subscription like I said earlier that not quite enough for the calendar that we need to also pass contracts more information so this is the same entry and here we have violated to the data model that so there s some standard is then cheated a schema that has various elements in this case and start time and time and reminder for your event and also something for the UI is even visible colors of all supported that Fulton delegated up another thing we ve done here is the concept of time so we see in these groups of elements group together in certain ways I would try to make it generic and call time so this is an event time the schemas should appear at the top of the category of falsified some other times and places for finding them is far more types of information of us would choose a programmer you know what would servings expect when you see him enter a messenger contact in case of this is this like the shows how we handle optimistic concurrency slide purse hardware problem but so would say my application download some of his calendar entry and I ll change the title of the news this presentation change the topic been someone else s application also download the same entry and may change near the time that we re so close that your sonata I might go for my updates back to the server and now that new titles in their then the other application that includes therapies and that they have any time there s a legal title so that s neither call my data we somehow avoid that so we redo that is really simple model version of optimistic concurrency and describes an example so the surface of the kind of the rest this attributes of the cheated and protocol by sending it to get the entry and you receive a 200 and you see the entry of indigenous and then you have an ID for the entered data but also a version in this case the movement since version 1 now night and I update my title I put it back and I received a 200 K. with the updated event that announcer will give it a new version than with any other application they have that stale missile version 1 and they change the time when they try to put back of their uniform cock (which I canceled the showing of the uniform, so your neck is to need to get the event again and then they can make changes when they have the latest version so this is just a simple way we avoid the Chiefs against us and said we love to query data that we have a number of ways we can to hear the firstis just a fulltext search system and avoid the gray matter into the Google search box on you can just enter and serve the facts and information of an index will research so things are content to title the author any extension elements or index organ is searchable by this parameter in all these URLs listen to get to this URL and you receive the feedback with entries will see some examples of another example of which is very information is by using category for this example uses Google base which might have vehicles that have jobs housing and using specified category rule writer which undone information to justify its epic and he can always add more parameters in addition to specify others across all the data services there is some standard programmers like updated time published on because they sung the atom protocol we know this can be certain attributes that are exist in all the data service so for those who guaranteed to abandon him for Sunday s services there s just other things or search it just makes sense for expressions for example they research on young rows in your spreadsheet for calendar you might search on when needed when the event starts at so the show Saturday sensibility of the protocol can not only handle any sort of data we can also query by in the the last of the bullet I have here is the output format so by default it affected you data feed like we saw but you could also specify Jason during JavaScript application you can send agrarian future results back and Jason for seeking to draw a draft of you can also specify RSS feed in the former and as as we support new formats this legal standard which specify which one of you so we talked about the different attributes and extensions of G. data that would reduce our use of our service is like a shows the rest nature of restful nature of G. data to achieve all your crud operations are readers read update delete to undo the state of to make it to access programmatically so recreate something leaders in Michigan People s message to investors of all a lot of URL could be a calendar is a specific spreadsheet of so then anyone in the street date of a good citizen and get to the URL you specify in the square forever so we talked about and then one of the attributes of the feeds of the links relative links and one of them is the link so dear or modify the data I just send your updated version of the entry to be enabling web-based people and received back in the response from the server and then finally you can also send a delete to the edit link and you ll removed from some so weird was a little closer look at each of these requests and responses soldiered with the blogger example in this case you will so URL should be so pursuant to create a blog entry I just than the post-ACP message with the entryway. In the embodiment message in this case it s just enter a few feet of snow extra stuff here from blogger that works great others have author title and content of which received back from the server then -201 created message that your object has been created of the children you receive you the information you sent that the service can absence upward there s an ID to keep track of the element is the edit link that I was just talking about and receiving a version there and also in the server actually process requests publish or update the Wilson and Fishback of personality we have some entries and want to query them out of sending it to the URL of the feed and this is a blog with the query parameter noticed the ensure working with the author s name and symbol search for just a fulltext search with the keyword Bennett and will give actual feed so the root element here is the feed and there is information about the blog itself to title the author when the blog itself is updated and then you get back a collection of these entries in this case is only one around when we might get back multiple entries and you can parser this out to get all the information you to edit link Windows update published so you ll need to edit link if you want to change anything some excellent lets everyone change the content of his something new and updated of Ravi edit link and will send the issue to be put with our entry in the message body and then the server will find the version is correct and up-to-date servo update its information on Fujitsu when you get back from that click is a together 200 K. with the entry in the message body but in this case the server will have updated the version here and losses due to new updated time in the course of the new content that reaches and then again using the edit link we can delete it almost seems too easy here others I like the show so you disputed 200 okay back indicating that information situations so from his registries and I want to go around waving around rich so we have to look it up in something we talk about what powerful is lots of users is tons of data we have the somehow police is accessing what want the users to view control if your application can touch their data are not some of the information is public and public calendars blogs of celebrity information you need to be authenticated for we don t want anybody to be able to post to your blog or delete your entries but what so we have to seems replication basically the idea here is to give users credentials in the Google will give you an authentication token can then use that token in any of your subsequent issues if he requests that we looked at the screen as they should have been Google look better and allow access if not so the two types of ones for installed applications once for Web applications for installed applications something that is so my download and run setup on us just the client basically the user to have to just enter their credentials into your application and your application can go to client login service and with those credentials and other valid of a return to an authentication token do they use for web apps a little little little better control over who gets the CD users information so the user never actually asked to give your Web application variable credentials we do is we have you forward your users to Google s site and Google users can then enter their credentials and to Google s website and Google say to this third-party applications try to access your calendar you want to grab her denied us access and when the user if the user chooses to grant you access and will redirect them back to your Web application but in the small yearly person overseas users credentials is Google which is preferable for the user to browse okay so potbellied sentience and I think we saw little example of Russia s list of there will services are enabled again that if it s a fairly substantial is already an existing figure says the goal is to make as much of the content that we have no programmatically available using the one standard API so one thing that s great about using G. data card libraries is if you want a great mashup between any of these you re all set to use the same protocol the same core library to access all these different Google data services so you should example of a mashup between Google spreadsheets and Google calendar this example is available with our core library downloads thoughts written in Python and went on for this by the way is the new APIs they just recently a face looks a little different but it gives you an idea in the first live show remedy for a network there s some simple ones in so to get back on track so your spreadsheet is just outdated prejudices not that interesting on success and names of people and their birthdays and then it has a link to a URL of lawmakers more usable or interesting for users we could import the calendar and that s just with this example does look good offices of simple icons for again Sergio Python clients and they were en route so the person using it is asking up to authenticate this is an example of an install that and that s just the script right here on so I ll do my credentials and middle login on my behalf in this case a little slow connection I think of them diverse the first thing is to do is look at my spreadsheets account and see how many documents I have no give me a list that soon this case I have yet to document some of this user and you this just illustrates the edit you can get back a list of documents that he has programmatically with the birthdays clearly this woman want to specify a spreadsheet in a spreadsheet for multiple pages on them so the spreadsheets API lesson also think that if he were to do a spreadsheet is a list of sheets in this case are so they re not going it s grabbing the information from the spreadsheet and update my calendar and adding them to my calendar for each one of those birthdays slowed its also going to doesn t timeout it will also update the spreadsheet here which we should see in real-time expect so Elizabeth at the rate we are so good at it on] not sure what the connection problems and solutions & Palmer Samaritans to wear rapidity with normal social diamondback and it s making requests posting new events to my calendar and performing gifts on the spreadsheet is if you see the known and the so busy that I want to show this example particularly uses a new feature of the calendar API so I thought here s a singer by the Web content; constant because when you select this need this actually shows up octave within HTML that you specify basically what I created this event I added a link to a single page that contains the image in this image went from a spreadsheet so you were talking about how the Ajax APIs that you put Google s UI on your site this is the counterpart that you can now put your mark on Google calendar to really cool feature in a gesture and to see some examples of it on the walls of HCI guys are using this field were fiction this is a slimming effect my sources so resource lists of notice and we have some developer groups of talk about more in the future I have to grow up what we had to choose what APIs are provided and what functionality so the one driver is the idea of a fully a full fidelity API so his new features coming to the rise we are driven to add that make it accessible through the APIs in drivers you might we have developer groups like we love to hear we have pages recompose feature requests you can just discuss new ideas or concepts in the group and that s another big driver for which your actual movie will make this data available we also make the APIs and conducive to guess they ll collapse we need to know what you want to build before you can make available I listen to you we can create you spend our time on what must I will for you and ultimately the users so I thought a little about the client libraries are all open source so as we roll out new features in the UI you see something socks for the library and would love to implement new solutions and share with the community of your favorite libraries and one supporter once the federal purchase completely right there on the history of Justin Lee contributed from developers of it s always great to see that and then settling church and what about this new open source in the rebuilding a great community on his APIs Simonsen groups living of the group set up is for each data services API for just Google groups and so pure and developing a mashup between town and spreadsheets like this guy wants to go to the those groups suing we have support from Google or is going through their interest in China s fundamental questions I m also just as likely developers are to have expressed his APIs and they ve been great help on giving people up to speed on using another great resource is a Google data blog we have so not only will event like developer Navy announced on the blog but you also see updates if we release new client library for new features and services or APIs that thought how serendipitous the you might see some new feature that you drive to think of some new cool mashup of an ongoing we have a couple resources the knowledge base is basically way for you there s a wide range of information on some things were getting started where is the documentation highlighted this is an examples of also some troubleshooting things that we get right from the group some people have errors or have certain tips about how to debug or do something with that of the knowledge base in that index and search and we re always adding content of that and ask him if my senses develop those always great to see you or someone else have this problem answered yes much as the thread that never is resolved on in the last one here developer guides we recently revamped them is to become one-dimensional to dissent if you examples of the schema and news and Java samples so now free to the services were creating this full-service functionality or your create read update delete examples for each of our core libraries so that developing Java use of example select so PHP examples all exist out there should just get you up and running really quickly the same sample code that on these developer guide online also available when you download the library so again shadowboxing Chile see how it works you can look in there for the simple examples and then as you do more complicated things I would suggest doing the groups asking questions and just a big part of the discussion is these idiots were so will demonstrate having his groups we get to direct where developers see what they re doing I would have forms and groups places that you can put your application on an essay and a look of his lap that I may be lobbing gasoline just a couple examples of Indian cloth is not cool pics online photo editors link up with the cost of me can read and post your photos if you do the time sheets in Google spreadsheets mashup obviously there s some synergies that timesheet is always in spreadsheet but there s those associated with the time bonuses this is just a few examples even though shown in our inner groups and also on our uncle died Russian feature new projects just inspire people see what kind of ideas are out there what s being of women in and what s what s on new applications of am so very saw this birthday reminders example of open-client library so the real quirks of Scripture a mashup of spreadsheet encounters another example is written in JavaScript obviously takes a spreadsheet full of Silicon Valley companies of their locations and some stock in both ends of Switzerland so it s just another cool way to display some data so would look at the spreadsheet that uses out there who knows against a state… structured data but it s not near not that interesting and certainly not really interactive of the sport is just numbers but was it really mean how can you make it more useful for users and say here s a mashup that or my calling for together if it s completely different view of that information uses the spreadsheet API to access the information in that spreadsheet and it just displays no where these companies are located in Silicon Valley and if the stock is up or down today uses some cool new map features like displaying custom icons in them into some basic information note the disclaimer” notes just informational purposes to the making trading decisions based on information you memento religious uses graphical tool to display your price earnings ratio rather than the seven number column taken readout will spreadsheets and displayed a more intuitive way you okay so that was my position about Google data again I m just glad to see everyone here before to seeing what you can do with the APIs does lead one to many questions and I ll show actually was Mike s s closer licensing likes her that she s supposed to assist in the sun with their site site that segment of the licensing is still working out what exactly is the clearly written your same strategy. The keynote is open-source aluminum is open and usable as possible to quote the first one on your talk about all structured afterschool structured so the ideas that you every week and uses one for Manchester make it easier for us to develop cool mashup file sending us as developers of the woman s room at up so it s good for developers good for Google s good for the Internet congressionally results in the near prices can be as open as everything else which I make available things disinterested longing to use the restroom of the available once a visit is agreed that it was his reason I think this should seem to have missed the way that the structured data services that were accessing here really lends itself to space the crud operations on their set just interconnectedness with HDD requests to put it on there are some soap API for Google but the Google data APIs themselves are all restless spread to intuitiveness either of a little about authentication of fuel singular utopian view Google him address also some soulful full leaves these things on 1000 Google use of not open IT solution one such interoperability across both of something some of the People s occupations but that s a great question we get the picture. It would certainly enables more application on the developer side and interoperability among sites I m not sure where it is in development if it s on the roadmap or not but you clearly we look to get this kind of feedback from you all so it we ve heard a lot of certainly are a question to gauge told Seoul about using things like the Google spreadsheets and sniffles states. See the states are seeking data from all such quotations how much support is there full individuals to countries the road to the storage within the Google system for either using the federal system processes okay to buy a sandwich for us to question survey so is often the question about was licensing on the protocol itself can I administer the associated the questioner is more than data stored so why should it be empty to your HDD basically using the Google viewer database is sure okay some Google base is almost exactly that can a lot of information lists are some limits but we ve had people sources of information in the groups I see also some great ideas some people store information in blogs and I m just different ways to use Google s backend caregiver should data will handle you cite any sort of criticism you can come up with will redouble should and will tell us notes of a supervising APIs fall of beautiful spreadsheets and databases and the weasels and things would be possible do you think to have some socials of the obstruction from all of these so let s leave my shops which is Tuesday the unlistenable point today can almost speed ultimate like the example you gave of the book so I think if you d simply provided a list of company names of a few good abstract about lousy note Apple is a company been in your dual stock markets even get/information of real of address to get a good geographical information unable to South Dakota to this thing but it would just take you to say all these companies do lookups get a financial information under gossip information on how to I think that there is support for that in the protocol for example is talking about a jaded comments that sort of along the same so he might have accompanied kind and you notice that the geographic data is the financial and sporadically good assuming though shown extensions the client libraries make classes like a company something like that is because the office is to as a hub of API API with specified forms all of days of the CHI, pixel secret of a big company all a graphic which can be then associated with and beyond the gig itself was expelled for not sure the Anderson question but is extensible here in the UK even greater kinds that the client libraries will support those kinds of interactions if you want to automate a dig at this point can be answered third-party application that would be stated Bill is a gross gather might be some logical ways to generic suspects that my movement church that I is for you send a Gmail that s another one is often requested the groups there some additional issues are looking at especially our radar want to provide that because requested obvious value their eye on much of what would be available or is it if we can provide a welcome them again the goal is to make over there that we have accessible so when do we get I m just wondering what the implications of ICCs going through Google one on connections that UI was chairman which ICCs might be useful role of more timely him a UFO to explaining the implications and that you are having instantly because you having RSS feeds that you can ask that s interesting idea I ve are not really my area of expertise that s I can see how the big information gleaned from the careless exuberance I both understand that the open door for coming in on drug restless than 100 Pacific


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