Getting Started with Kert?

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

WordPress API click

Watch started with gave him some of your plug-ins in your WordPress installation of WordPress are gone and click on the sign up now what was it what you choose a username and password to confirm your password provide an e-mail address but reason terms of service and then the young selection or give me a blogger just username please show to have your own hosting you to click the radio button for just username please continue on through the WordPress sign-up process you ll receive an e-mail from WordPress that you will need to verify in the WordPress will send you WordPress API code you are then logged into your WordPress admin page for me to use this API code activates and plug-ins like kismet and the stats plug-in will click over here to see if the words per stats says action click on activate will activate the plug-in now you will need to enter your API Key as show appearances red box simply click on the stats needs attention please enter an API key or disable the plug-in box that will take you to this page we will cut and paste the API key that you receive from your WordPress activation e-mail into the


~ by bitahatini on December 25, 2008.

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