Tweetree Enhances The Twitter Web Experience

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twitter media tree

Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

And you talk about the tree to tree user front end for twitter, allows you to do some nifty things that you can do from the website itself all one of the things that retrieve news again this will show your conversations in a threaded view so you can see who apply to what in some cases not quarter is known by major Hollywood was built is only certain ways you can you can alleviate this problem because NASA Sophos in which we today he replied three days from now there s no way to twitter or even pretreated no but does his best to try to maintain a context and see how she looks like what it looks like a minute else supports in-line media not think this is a very very exciting if you embed a URL that twitter is already…

your oil Flickr twit pic free feces that any services that people select in which we tweak tree will show the actual media so my login so you can see what looks like the seven supply username and password and whether that a go supporter and it gets your profile so this is my actual twitter background and though it has on my use everyday to see if it already has some threading that s going on here so this is pretty nice and this is pleasing to the eye and you can easily see some of the context is going on idealism for the free things happening at this as a listener example of somebody in-line media and here s a quick video as well so be people posted links to be services and which we automatically shows them within the page itself so to get a quick overview of how things look to just go to the search bar and search for the desired service of celibacy was a YouTube video looks like on retracted his school. Search for YouTube and not on the cinema to find someone to post a YouTube link and there is one right there is more here so I ll twitter in a nutshell herder nice I like the interface or something the missing for example you can t access your direct messages on tour you also have limited capability with your replies I do have an ad in the link here which will perform a search for your name so you can see some he replies with you governments you know they have a dedicated reply section so that must either workaround for that but overall I think it s a pretty good deal of social tweak this would want T. made them sick a couple times with which we are calm and the just check out what they have here — this is made showing off his beard to do so twit pic that I came up those actions and my stuff is a seasoning video that was posted yesterday a cc victory review sees Mickey knows a good way to have video conversations about the replies to my post yesterday are a so that s pretty much you can see all of the different the conversations in line right here and threaded symbols which today you can check it out on my biggest something is a nice iMac to my friend for twitter and I almost replaced with blog people but it up again provides a fresh alternative and in-line media really makes it attractive and changes the twitter experience art is one of them wanted up TV and that is tweak tree enjoy


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