E-junkie talks about OpenSocial

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

money friends send

I m here with him and I think it s outstanding complement… can t… Sharon is grimly brutal for users and your opponents into Goma troops loaded towards children go to Mr. Russo s news and a booger was sold at auction will further did so. Oh contribution for social network on the Israel tradition for someone who didn t know it invisibly enables users to send money request money and so symbols don t accept donations on their profile so essentially that s what this rebuilds repentant in their first eye for a kind of us expand working way open. It s been bigger largely because it s been up to 15 I already started but go before open-source and launched and not in the more developed of the gold because open-source and it s pretty flexible so what I m doing is I m misusing Telescript on the mound so I just took my existing application and a British shalom and so it renders the dullest of Omar Soler and though the just open-source unsearchable and its missile inside I have total control will display in the order in and I am sure to so basically this is about promoting started at my profile and this becomes true so is contributed more of newborn futures out of question we send money and create any knowledge of the progress that is who he you see all of your existing friends for more courts in the program and if the installed though up though you re good to e-mail and everything about it if if there is another human public images and uneventful for them and so the luggage of its request money using the above and which I don t use either or both so identified with so much and I really have a limitless amount on all this resistance is a bit with this one is for all of my wanted list have been sent so this woman did was look like a potential the public because the consent so this is what my fantasy to see my name to see the amount since I must send a request I made it editable so he can in a sleepy scandal for strip courts and if it is one stimulus in the amount so that some disagreements it makes it easier for people to send and receive money and a four sending money for Disney to send money I leave my friends bid by the male and will motion by the time it in the beloved item entered for them so that I don t have the bulletin ID industry is providing a robust nomination so that I know so it justifies the blowing them up, unable to muster up is a visitor to the future I like most is gripped in the knowledge that this is a sacred symbol links of which programs with your friends from the visit your profile so services agreements and will include you know if they like them and want profiling my little bunny and corporate and Swiss provisional grid link on my profile and my friends with microphone the BBC s links so nominal about my friend and if I go to overthrow for others see though the billion-dollar link bonus credit souls as well as for fun on the blogroll up so you see it sooner than my beloved and I can just click on the bottom of the list is good so legislate is the fourth time in installed arguments it s oh so you will know exactly what he wanted to be when you just go just a few of the agency when your friends are raising money for using this obligation certificate in C. that my friend some years and a notice of the solely my fullest one so so I organizationally see what my other friends are doing with this outcome of 200 men and got a booming idea what I can do with it at a call in the eye and I thought that about that shot into any artwork and social needs instrument in which was removed and social in Oslo has more features come follow this up a little too on the off of some bumps were like disbeliever at all when you can wanted list you have debated and amended it not only mode imagery that s real money so oh so the disagreements receive notifications from Wizard of development and the links when there been no amount of spit and no lovely on that specific


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