Getting Started with the Google Data .NET Client Library

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Google Data .Net Library

Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

new SDK project

Short introductory video client library for Google data APIs start first happened on the SDK for more conduct page at this URL already downloaded the SDK is installed this demo using Microsoft visual C. sharp 2000 express edition which is free and when it started however the SDK assumes you re using Visual Studio 2005 Smith to copy the project templates for using Visual Studio 2005 would have to do this to know that Madonna can go ahead and open Visual Studio since we have these templates pretty new project is easy missed a new project and create a Google Picasso Project one click disgrace a new blank project with some code for us but also creates a dialog box for the user to login to the code behind this me first discuss some of the high-level principles of our client library or library is organized into the following components there is a circus class which deals with the connection to the API there are query classes which lost to construct particular queries against the API are also feeding entry classes that contain the data model in this simple example we first create a new service class and we get a lot of information in the form provided by the template and then dribbled to create a new album query limited back the feed of all the users up once looking to this feed uses a number of entries which contain information about each album user has proven able to update the GUI element with information about these albums were displayed to the user is from this example first have to login now you can see each of the albums my test account along with the number of photos that are in each album is a simple way to get started or perhaps you want a more detailed code example to copy for that we can go into the SDK directory or start menu and open up the simple solution against us for using 2008 you to quickly convert the existing solution that Madonna concert there are a number of samples provided for us the first one like to show us the photo browser this is an advanced form of the demo we saw earlier again you have to login again we see list of albums but this time to consider album cover and double-click to see each photo inside the album all this code is open source and available for you to use in your own applications one other sample of lecture you as a doc list upload or go ahead and so this is a starter project this sample allows us to quickly log in to Google docs see our existing docs open them and also upload new ones by dragging and dropping again the sample is open source and you can see all the code not encounter some of the samples got you started on your own application site about some of the resources are available to help you develop all of our resources are available on client library besides downloading the SDK you can also view the documentation documentation includes the Java doc style reference for all the classes members instructors and objects used in the client library we also have a number of developer guides for each particular API that walk you through each operation can be performed lastly you have any questions we have a discussion group available for you to ask any questions concerns or grocery features that are not currently available place for watching this video help you create some interesting applications and share them with us


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