hi5 talks about OpenSocial

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It bad that I could see some about I m not because you are using your cofounder for the more I m engineered polymer on the Harvard had a couple of it out.com certified as alert as little social networking sites and world order in the top 10 site as I might like so we have a 35 million unique visitors every month at network or meet a very large international days with a over time we transliterate how and also very large missions and we are the largest space between social network of radio people use our vibrant opportunity and see the difference in cell and Tinkerbell on top of the social platform others recited what do you work with open standards that enable as many developers as possible to read applications easily try five with open social of this framework allows very standard way to access the backend data for a five and a standardized easy manner that he ll add anything working with ATI and new developing a new abilities as a vessel younger brother a really good experience with this if you feel as if you open up a lot of possibilities and you can do him the Archie starter platform of the July of this year and since then we ve been slowly growing it on when we thought about this project is actually a same idea that we have in terms of watching no one had to do in terms of a platform which is actually using the browser s integration points are pulling all the pieces together their own which is so the most efficient investment to do it in the second the merchant thought a lot of really good things and will Google gadget API that we really liked under one of his internationalization support which is one of the things that is really critical to our site which is in some languages and that s that sorted there are so we re planning on making full use of that in the short-term payout from I m and showerheads are active flanks are on a mission changed the fire in LA I know we think we know major roadblock so far is a citizen of really interesting and exciting after today s dose of positive writers do miss the discoverer of our demo you will notice a dozen refunds of an effective that so we been working with a lot of the same partners we work with the past and it s good to serve all be working together on this this big project which is a think about the Internet as a whole hell is there a painting company now I have anything smaller on the ballot at my company would be able to implement the container implement open the container as well or he could definitely be checking it out so that it isn t over all companies need pretty much a lot of weeks in the loop all of the prisoners were doubted its own ability to be far richer runtime submitted since I situated easy for you guys are rising to everyone and he sold many social containers and one that s just because the old benefits it offers no 20,000+ gadgets and in access to millions and millions and millions of people are in a really don t be a good reason to do this they are like what I wish list for letting hopeful that the ethnic supplement their wet little particular helpful for my well I think that one of the things within some really nailing down some security aspects to ensure that the privacy is enforced in a very good manner of assorted number of steps taken in the direction of the developing a sort of being able to present the right kind of applications) is a subtle but noticeable thousands and thousands of gadgets but it s no we want to give our users the best gadgets out there and find a partner or a department stuff so in terms of the technology of you would like to extend it out further to more data more content on photo galleries videos etc. everything that that person is on social network may often have I read about it in writing out it looks like it serves digital TV integration is done over the course of this week or so right now I m on a high five for wild fish microphone we ve added a new tab you for applications is to go to our new exhibition gallery over serious eaters is a simple demo of how the container directly tied him so sexy requesting my friends enjoy little theater demo shows a little more interesting to work as partners with cyclic formal this is one that would work him slide efficiencies and deliver greater Berlin as my profile and with one click about a phone number from what s really interesting about far more fishes is it allows users to build on their iPod experience turnover procedure that so very successful rookies of the sisters little more flair to this mystical connection or medicine or law back then as a friend of US installed a few Syntax would have had to use formal TCO Jeremiah Brewer sliders
place Red Sox pitcher as you can see a solid record in Iraq and she works now so I m correct microphone tossing them such weapon, and was one interesting thing that you can go on with this is that really so allows our archive used to have a human quality more creativity with one-to-one doing a profile so with this application they can do sketches of videos photos about more than just a standard for comments versus cons on a profile. So supercool sluts follow next elected to local food on what I like the other provides a set of music at gadgets of the first is a playlist of students you can even build a playlist in the music of the antiseptics also to microphone you see I have thought I like this when I was between popular but also a picture use this to search Alex Davis and adding some management with your tip about the in my list of other interesting feature that I wore back in now is a friend we have in the integrated with our run-up to the zone and open social recall the activity stream so you can see on an update that I just added this on my profile and that was the option from a friend do you are going to forget of his own were to look at it to your look at my office one final thing we did as a teenager with what I like them another acoustical LHR s trends which is most added song and then we felt was a slip of a gadget that s the appropriate in context on her profit so what do you hear is actually elect said this will her know what s perhaps I ll do what I want to is so that your visitors the portal of hi-fi music homepage so that this ll be accessible to the login in Missouri or I can was interesting here is a really showcase the versatility of of all three things are I like as a set of music-based gadgets that provide a bright value high-five has multiple different context on the site which is interesting since in every social platform has the possibility to know and I will back you and I are a little out of it was really excited to be part of this initial launch of open social and really looking for the housing of all our developers was to Gartner or users of you real benefit to the — you must overplay forever to I think I


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