Oberon Media talks about OpenSocial

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

games social game

You can see just how much did the company had little bit about our is usually so from him, redeeming solutions team with a leading casual games provider for for applications on sites distributed throughout the Broadway is a nice expanse working way that open social life you guys decide to you is so weird looking social was was a perfect mix for us to do is bring flash-based games into the social networks and to be able to provide addictive games that are viral in nature into into a community as large as the one that is available through through open social the holiday will expand development expense was somewhat challenging and difficult for us at times to integrate flash applications but we worked through it and and the reward is there in that were able to provide games as part of you as part of your profile and within the applications in the area is good expense when he leveled us in the coming months but that we hope we can add what a jerk doesn t really help you out but would like to see some expanded functionality just imply the overall very happy with the work that we ve seen so far it s great that the network is playing with the absolutely was great about games at orchid in this case is were able to provide addictive flash games directly to the social network which is which is outstanding in this case I ve clicked on or in my print warrants page Emulex play the game directly from his page so what we have here is a game called rise of Atlantis is a three swap game incredibly addictive as had you ve basically take two icons to the helmet and the coins and you swap them amongst each other in an off the grid while I m doing this I m gathering points in those points are actually being updated over here on my score which this is one of 15,625 my friend Guy on was Otto is coming close to being an overtime you like to see his score update you to start up eight 8480 so now I m course given that I have the ability to challenge him on to say okay beat this then save and I ll add a few more points with a nice five combo to to help him a help him open down the list a little further so that s pretty much the game application rise of Atlantis would you take any developers games is based in flash to get incorporated into into the gadget very simply and and we can add all these communities social features directly around the game so that s that best guess that we built in a FIFA about Colorado are working out and socializing what it is great that were worried to provide addictive flash games into a social network really have to work you guys so thank you for the ability


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