Interview w/ Google’s Patrick Chanezon on OpenSocial (Part 3 of 3)

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Are your social life or for use as I was writing that please him and really thought you were just going through existing social networks site is as good a focus I don t mean very much something solution populace is a good answers of its its fascinating just wholly different options there are for companies to try to stay on top of misinformation out of him fascinating. When the revolution that s releasing a win tonight when walking from the browser in 1990 5R on Wednesday for a sentencing at the beginning of it when you see people experimenting with directions in the meantime in ACR so they are used to create a social network out of your on your website and see how the ranch row in which he supposed it very easy to use out Franken act which is more about connecting to existing networks and have someone who could do this open source project with social site and I continues blocking enterprise at the theater internment on open social container like a social site and the lion will not inside of the company and its open-source community can use it to the rest API that was just doing the things you to stop doing social Web data in the form of identification off for cleaning the run data on your existing website I m on top of that you have discussions about iterations and opening openings out of prison next which is an important warning their survey there s lots of prints and she especially the nationstate applications in a different kind of area lots of them are more on the entertainment and fun today area that Lincoln was preparing to shift their open-source implementation very assuming it s not professional and useful additions being created there is an area that hasn t even been spotted and welcome to the enterprise space on so salesforce and Oracle were part of the socialist launch another hundred Shinto solution completely yet but when they stop seeing social at fishing the context of this yarn tension in their inventive writer so I m talking to normal people who want to listen specific enterprise vertical social networks one of them is former transportation industry s dimensions are very very different legend of government with governments around the world probably be very interested in this sort of words that on that seemed to mess up every really good at either one of them is privacy limits can you saw on the primacy from its I think that s what that s what slows down the evolution of social networking because every big social network that takes a really good care of the privacy of their users some evidence one of the prime of the prime focus of competing at the opening of these API to make sure the finest of lines is respected and so with social in this regard is very open which means it and you can implement whatever price and function in a coach system implement on top of media so it rings the door very open to networks to be very cautious about connecting many of them were super cautious about it-from some recent standards in the area privacy right now each network is doing their own notice that things are going that route unless no interchange of privacy today I can see that s an area in which to specify next she won t supply missions and he is a big one situates an open social at any situation was one of the reasons why it when you know something social November and was in French for Moses until April and the reason for it was that he wanted to discuss the security requirements for authentication partners are 18 different social site partners trust funds and help us and give us some feedback about what they need to answer the question of open social that shipped in January that victims in production right now with MySpace and hi-fi on all clips as a lot of secrets of baking to the spec supports over when you re making requests I ll bet your server a request to sign using a standard lost signing requests also four for the application that are run that run inside of the social site and reputation pointing JavaScript and something can be dangerous to run some foreign JavaScript inside of your page some reason I frame format and have been up since project will Off between lines for JavaScript and its continued love of mixture and place them in situates off two of the aspects of open social but in what Fox shown the dangers potentially produce containerized sort of them exactly alternate exits were locked timings boxing Spanish children wanting a box in the wrong visa following code where it can get out of the box and some nasty stuff since it s really a very souls is such which know not that they are probably wrapping up so I could leave viewers with a final word on things they can look forward to seeing from the past century and to socialize with friends in the mixture and in a very sneaky way which is a legal to own the social networks that are using today and you ll also be able to do that on many different websites way of informing for not technologies like friend connect method on one message a second message is that one of the very important aspect of social software is so difficult in this bean paste from the thing that children over the web and that you re sharing with your friends in the scenario where the big social networks are working on amendments to the veteran driven filtering and doing conversation along this out once but that s very interesting that s made by the exquisite score the French and unnerving semi-assuming I seems in this area so I really recommend that you try it out for no one other… would you like to see research that it s more about office or reputable science among bloggers were pressed that China s own book on which is my last name and then I can open social weekend blog both open social votes for and which is the foundation website where you can get the specs this is more for developers and then you that these movies the free website where you can learn more about the social thanks was sitting with Dr. Joseph Google online and search for information about my company continued its at one half pictures so much for this arbitration agreement on


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