Campfire One: Introducing OpenSocial (pt. 1)

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And I are meeting and hello my name is the conductor at the top of Google like to extend a very warm welcome to all of you on this chilly evening this is our first campfire one we believe this format of bringing developers together in an intimate setting to work collaboratively in the open is the best way to engage with the developer community and we hope to is the first in a series of many such engagements at Google we really care about making the web better for everyone and that includes developers we believe I can prove the programmatic fabric of the web by moving that forward we will enable developers to build more compelling and more exciting applications and more compelling and exciting applications we believe will lead to more usage and more usage is good for Google as well as for many partners tonight we talk about one very special way to make the web better than this to make the web better I m making it social that USA well isn t the web social already into a certain extent it is we know that hundreds of millions of users have chosen to sign up to social networks today and by the hundreds of millions of these users have demonstrated their desire to interact with their friends with their coworkers and with their families when they do they share photos they share slideshows they share activities they share their acts expressive ideas they share music and many many more things we also know that these social networks have a desire to further engage their users and offered an even more exciting things to do and in what to do that might be called upon the vast army of Internet developers to extend their sites now you see it there lies a little bit of a problem a social network decides to open up its site to developers that social network exposes APIs are programming interfaces those programming interfaces enable developers to access things like the activity stream access the profile or access the individual s friends list and that s great it enables developers to my compelling social applications but for a moment put yourself in the shoes of that developer and if that developer would like to have that application working more than one social site what happens then when a developer has to think about all those other social sites in all the different programming models on the different APIs exposed by those sites this is a problem developers are then faced to make very uneasy trade-offs which sites will you support that which APIs will you adopt which sites will you not support because of limited resources in the end it s the user that suffers Led Zeppelin stuck with less choice and less innovative applications tonight we re here to talk about a solution associate proposed by Google and its many industry partners and we call that solution open social open social is a set of open APIs open APIs that enable you to build social applications that work on any website as it were open social and if I didn t I would say should make a critical point was not about Google social open social is an industry-standard it s all coming together to find a way to make the web a more social not just Google so how does it work well websites simply adopt open social and by supporting the APIs and providing implementations they enable developers who ve written social laps to have those applications now work across any website that supports open shop open social is really that simple out whether the benefits that suck about the benefits first and foremost to the developer to developer open social needs distribution distribution distribution at social application developer wants the easiest route to reach the largest number of users and open social provides that opportunity it provides a model that only has to be learned once and I can run across many many containers you get the partners that we have a present just tonight and we think this is a thing of stick way to start off the standard of huge number of social networks that are supporting the standard as well as on the top social application developers and we are swells with the industry reaction and support we receive for open social and you know what what you looking at tonight is just the beginning because it s an open standard a very simple Internet model we expect continued momentum as the industry bodies around this particular model even tonight at its introduction the open social API in Caucasus sites that include access to more than 200 million users and we think that s just great for developers who standard is standards-based it s part of what the Internet fabric is all about if you know HTML and you know JavaScript and you already know how to build an application using open social web.if you have a website whatever social do for you was mentioned earlier you no doubt want developers to be able to extend your website and by adopting open social you get access to the largest pool of developers and have those applications be supported on your website what about consumers will in the end we think the consumers open social needs more more more new applications more choices for crossing the websites and that is our endgame to make the web more interesting for users and unleash the creativity of developers across social is no digest about consumer websites we leave the overlooked area is business business has always been social it s always been about the interactions of individuals and legally open social will allow many of our business partners to announcing tonight to do and a social into the context of their business applications and unleash creative solutions Summit which will see tonight that I just really a very exciting to see so let s get into the details let s move on and talk about how you build an application with open social interview that I d like to invite David Glaser engineering director up to walk you through the tape expert


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