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I don t South many of his genie being Jeannie and I miss Leon O Connor had named names form for creating your own social network for anything I think I ll follow that about naming and other social and how they are to lease out I mentioned the platform for creating your own social networks for anything today we have over 113,000 social networks on Mr. SE 3000 has actually been created in the last eight months alone and white sounding as the demo in a second bite at what many guys they contained a set of the social network and they basically get to choose the features they get to choose what it s about to get to choose what it looks like and even down to the profile questions and make her not being] social network for and what we learn about open social is that on the social networks that people are creating a Crossing today on great example all even show you here is two diabetes diabetes is a social network for people acted my diabetes and are over 1500 people on a social network and what s great about it is that they are sharing information and exchanging ideas about living with diabetes but that s how they want to get what they also want to do is interact around things like him coming toxins and what they re essentially interested in terms of movies and what s great about a confessional and what we do together here as actually integrating Flexner which is a patent review and ratings of age sharing application that because they are also participating in open social we can 22 diabetes and I m able this group of people who originally got together because they re a big share in common the fact that they re on their affected by diabetes and living with diabetes and I see a lot more at a lot more fun to think on what you re looking at here is me signed into two and this is the homepage of two in the same way that you would have a homepage of any website or any social network and what you re looking at here are the fixture movies that have been recommended as really my favorites here but also the recent reviews across two diabetes cement icon in here to my profile is beyond them on his cell and even coming here and see the movies that I like the ones that I want to see as well as the recent reviews that I ve contributed and this is all from my profile page on two diabetes and when I come in clicking here I can actually see this is essentially a new page within two diabetes that the content that you re seeing here is all coming from Plextor and I-A and able to see what my friends on who are both on fixture and onto the diabetes are recommending in terms of movies I can see the movies that I have in terms of just rated on Plextor again this is now an interface on two as well as my friends movies and these are my friends who are also affected by diabetes in this case so it s a really really great way for developers to be able to offer any of the hundred 13,000 social hundred thousand social networks on name more features more things to do and more ways to take an act so we absolutely love it on really quickly exact same fixture on functionality and and running in a different social network on name which is the asking in Japan so ask a ninja for those who are familiar with it is a act is a video content producer on that has a lot of really helpful videos out there on the web today and they created a social network for their fans as you can see here their fans are sharing videos on the day have photos and photo sharing on a half advertisements on a discussion forum of such topics as ninjas versus Orioles as well as different groups all in this asking engine and social network in addition to sharing these managers are also now able to share many reviews of hard-core action movies or anything that they like Seo as you can see here this is the same on this is the same fixture application running in now ask a ninja different social network on name brands you can see here on favorite movies backed up at recent reviews as well the movies that he wants to see on asking in Japan s decades the same functionality but in a completely different context in addition to service back at our application we also showed off her showing off on in using open social on dead pages dataset is a magazine for customizing your cars on which my car could certainly use and they have deputies which is basically a social network for people who are picking on customizing their cars and so in this case we are showing the I like application playing and dead pages and I understand that I playing with in her hair care this is on the homepage but then you can also see my specific songs that I added to to my profile on I like that are now playing in dead pages so I think that was a really long way of entering class and I are having a great you see just how not only is there through the features and functionality that developers are creating for strip more of the general one-size-fits-all social networks in a phenomenal way using open social but in the case of something like a service such as may have suffered such as naming its phenomenal because these features can be used in such a diverse set of ways for such diverse groups of people and social networks at night while adding either have our guard up and running with it being there for him but added that application developers are reached or directories are you absolutely sell you we will hopefully be one of the first companies that services out there supporting other social and from our perspective yet this is something that we plan on supporting fully with on outreach support documentation and anything else that s necessary is such lushly turned out to be very easy for us to implement in part because many of the APIs and and strip what we essentially had to do was just at a different front ends into the these different applications taking advantage of the APIs that on the rebuilt from the ground up on actually been great to hear a boring open social on your site to let you compare a guy about getting integration with all as Laura says this type of sin is the APIs are ready we are so excited to be able to offer that and the reason for it is you know for the Facebook integration we were able to get this basically from start to finish out in week a half and it s been a phenomenal thing for our other network readers but also members of networks where they are able to take up social network something that they re really passionate about and add it as part of their identity on Facebook or even MySpace would you be able to embed photos and videos and music on as was podcast so you from our perspective in the open social approach is both on Sunday we can take advantage of as a container or as a social network that hosts these different applications on as well as a nap provider in and of itself is were doing in the case of bathroom graffiti project or e-mail everybody needs to be able to have fingers — IB Singer/photo slideshow in their Facebook profile or the orchid profile or anything that they want and I think that that s really the power and the approaching model we ve always take in is one where your people should be able to create the exact social experience that they want at the moment they want in the context in the way that they want to and this this move really with open social is the future enough I were so excited about


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