Interview w/ Google’s Patrick Chanezon on OpenSocial (Part 1 of 3)

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There is a shows all whose lives so that it is right for the recession and will follow memorial on the Robertson figure for a PSU and MPEG audio interview series or later someone is almost what s your role will so my role as I m any imagine this guy which is in the game of baseball and social in social is a standard that I will propose and that s if you think you will communicate companies and my role will was when we started thinking about the social Vikings were questioned about the social networks and problems are standing together abusive. While his laws on religious evangelism, and when you are and I get what you hired a guy as we went from three guys and 60 right now I have a script on my blog where you can count the APIs and is growing at a fast and Google is getting more and more into democracies with swinging trusting about open social that stands in and apart from the other night that open social is a standard for mobile lab and the IP intellectual property would be socialism by your phone they shouldn t have been social condition that was going to buy Yahoo MySpace and Google between optimal think it s a excellent standard that statistics are laws were talking about adoption and how there s been a good amount of adoption of what would sorts of companies now have about the while he s been incredible in our preannouncement and socially in November and the first social sites refinancing it started implementing it in April I socially we have I think six different social sites right now there s MySpace high-five welcome and will send his dog in Europe and is on sale in Korea is very international in this lots of social sites in the height that are implementing it right now and it should ship in the next six months so I expect they should be some conflicting social networks implementing open social in the next six months Yahoo and AOL recently joined Yahoo social network in terms of adoption had up open social is reaching out to 275 million users to when you re building an application on top of open social and contributed to the election will reach 1B visa a toilet since 5 million users in this number is printed growing in Mexico and so that s one of the benefits is the access to the vast amount of users so well for each of them upwards of a one reputation to to be used by users on the open social is to move your application from the website to the social network for people spent a lot of time today and so going forward will you see this market is all about lots of trends right now one of the trying is to a November syllable of them will I cope about where you website inside of the social sites listen to your users are interacting with info social sites on MySpace all poker of high-five idiosyncratically reputation in their eyes as a piece of screen real estate another thing that is made possible way but it is notion of open social that that has been the finest moments of recruits zero the eighth and it hasn t shipped yet it should be ready in the next month and it s what we call a rest API if it is to the reverse which is to quit the social graph list of friends and a fine formation of them from your website so you can have users on your website in tracking their friends and being social on your website then we have a specific product and Google friend connect at the next iteration of social networks and items you ll cite any website to become a social sites with very little effort in its early if just a few lines of JavaScript that you website and then your users can sign in the link they are all cooked the sufferance fungal Paxil and instructing them in on your site adding some open social applications issue with my blog at which that were present at China s look and see an example of that as you can sign in and then visit: box inconvenience and commencing their and some of her friends have left us, as are so it s just a sample of the page that lets it out for all to see a sports something like that and then we would be on a pitch so what can you let me hear from you under the gadget that s
of JavaScript where the user can sign into the social network and so it is a series of dialogue where and I don t say okay to this social set in this website have access to your list of friends which leased the frame you want to mean to suggest awkward or on the one Paxil as well if you re on the two networks and many say can this site post your item screen would make you scream in this list of things you re doing on the web and net becomes more and more important so you feel like you say yes and then you will see the list of your friends that have signed up for this website as one can invite them to visit firewall built into the system and I m after that when you re the website where you can add some open social implications of writing a page so if it was a sports news page for example you can have it, and to petition the kitchen for Muslims if it s a music site we have some examples of the office and the eyesight station where you can stream your music to the music of the options directing their users can say I responded to some of my friends like from the softest thing that some student social to web in general as a horizontal standard layer so that a person can socialize the web so really so it sounds to me like the many websites that should be exploring getting involved in the show and how you set up for any website for the way he open social reform preferred the third version of the web because abortion was really about connecting missions together you go from one URL to another the second one was about 19 users in tracking any way with the week will be Ajax applications for where the Web became more interactive and then people started contributing contents from the firmware is leaving open social of the social web where people stop in tracking it s about connecting people together when you re doing things it s always more fun when you re doing it absolutely that you mentioned its friends and some of it seems that he thinks it yes to confirm that I see it coming is very important in the next year one amount and distribution of the web in general and socially-


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