OpenSocial Tutorial – Part 5: Listing Gifts You’ve

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

friends list gifts

Obligation to give storefronts also shows him surely just the other funds under DOS for you to do is make a small change to our desert XML soda place to insert our list of received gifts next me to make two small changes want to load friends and wanted to give to function so we have a request for friends data as well as our first to modify load friends so that in addition to requesting information on the viewer of your friends as well as the viewer s personal application to the alternate request viewer friends application to next make the same change and give gift that the request parallel each other third we update on load friends so that in addition to pulling out information with your viewer friends image of data report information on your friend which is the list of gifts and all her friends and dysfunction that iterates through the list of friends displays the menu so you may select a front to give a gift to obvious the gift list which shows a list of gifts that you ve sent finally calls the new function update received list which shows the list of gifts that you receive from your friends update received list closely parallels update gift list but instead of iterating just wants the list of gifts that you sent it iterates through each of your friends hold up the application data just for that friend specified by reference ID and converts the data but pulled out into JavaScript object once it has this list of gifts to your friends is giving it iterates through each of them comparing different idea that the gift was sent to majority if the IDs match it adds that gift is a gift that was given to you once the list of gifts of documents used in complete as they are inserted into the page and you can see the newly created version of archive displays not just options for sending gifts for friends and list of gifts that we party sent our friends at the list and give storefronts and sent us for more information on what I ve showed you as well as information on the open social API check out the tutorial and under the open social section


~ by bitahatini on January 16, 2009.

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