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Are you buying him some compliment I accompany s Josh hug from the CEO of Safari and Sunderland when we don t lead engineer special for you and I. we started Safari about a year ago we launched our website and were really excited about its potential and we re doing is a social media site people love to read books so a lot of social networks would focus on cheerleader social connections as they relate to your friends and communicate with your friends were able to do is allow you to print virtual bookshelf with your books on a virtual bookshelf on the Internet and then share that with your friends and talk a little about why I didn t seem to work with another social so we re really super excited about taking the Safari experience and moving it wherever of our users are at so we don t we ll want to limit the user experience to just a single website and we want to be able to lower users to take the books and their bookshelves and put them on whatever expressive a half so we currently have a Facebook application we have a really cool blog widget and have a MySpace widget meet with one of the strategies that we really had to make certain effort for is to allow people to take the books and the social stresses that are associated with without wherever they want to go so soon as we really found out that Google is going to creating a social platform we re super excited we were really ready to jump on 100% because we know that it s very important for us to take the book experience and put it put it within the world s worst users communicate I ll let what I open social and such are you leveraging for your application by Alec have them answer the technical details of one of things I m most excited about is the potential of open social even beyond the initial applications will show you a little bit later because we won t allow Safari to go wherever users are at the idea that we have all the layer of social information that we can access from anywhere an Internet potential to be something we re super excited about to let Kevin go into a little more detail about the APIs that were using perfect if there is such that recuperative installer growing pains of prayers at a rapid application environment for sure but am little dog are going to have you on go beyond a particular container into multiple containers of consumer Google s going to start important moving beyond it s really me so so so there s a reason that Google has a lot of effort into… is attached and no realistic image of your social networks and Palm verse one was exciting Mozilla that the JavaScript environments of the really client-side driven or you can do a lot of things really quickly and it s increasingly seamless application to a certain appeal less like browsing through a website and more of interacting with my data how I want them wearing one cell assay and I 40 started making aptly everything I need to find a way with the psychology have to start from scratch almost any environment so that we are back in data structures are distractions and that s all we reused very much on terms of the front and we ve definitely been able to reuse some code at the same time we want to create it in environments that are specific to the container and so with this potential there is some amount of reuse to public network that words really is starting out it s really trying to be a client-side library rationalism is very similar to her widget extensions and how do you take your books are going to hit solid JavaScript and so there s been a some instructions that we been able to do their it s the orchestras has definitely been on a new experience for us in terms of the front and client yet I look at that and say the utilizing the front end though in numerous places for her work in LA I will likely it ll hope will focus on care which areas are waiting to cannot help shelf I I really just would love to see them continue executing at a rapid pace toward the goal is a think as soon as we get to the end goal where you have a social API truly a social platform for the Internet the sooner we be able to enable some good user scenarios that we have in our heads right now but we can t really build until we get the API supports were okay about what lessons are an excellent fortify what she expenses there is no the biggest thing is he s been able to track your server social information around about your books wherever you re on up so whether I m in Facebook with her be able to have a common layer that tracks my books and tracts my social differences relating to read what laziness you cheated of a graphical representation of myself as any you can see my book reviews didn t see my ratings on this book and will jump into some of the other migrants and eventually those but we re also looking at ways of how to elaborate more social permissions with some really exciting plans that we have for the consumer launch of aura to the layer social permissions for me I m slicing a book and all of a sudden I can see my friends with this book and I can see their opinions and how he levers and make it very accessible to the user and to Amy in this case much over in locating these friends so you concede I know Amy has friends here in with the soil of additional information that goes beyond just a friend countenance the books or other of them interesting bits of social information and in its relationship to show for later we can jump over and we can see the updates around Amy s network and along religious updates in the orchid cents worth of goods around your friends were smothered the stream but it s perhaps updates around him books on monitoring or what might my relating these friends are doing an Orthodox home and so on we can relate to display a lot of additional value add content there is longer just looking at your friends as a means of connection but we can look at on books as a means of connecting with others of course we don t necessarily force people into a experience and so our interest as they enable people to just user guide to without any real knowledge of him suffered a common mechanisms all the gadget and build a bookshelf to do that is really quick to show you where searching I was a backend head against our database and a tablet myself and all removable commercials as well and it is it s JavaScript for quick mimics a backend call a mega had refresh and showing a bookshelf and I removed the short history of everything and add a second book so that I removed the book the shortage of everything I decided I believe the history of love so it s this is nice that we can spin this data and of course we can jump into a minute and show you how the stands across the environments so again this is the first-person view of Amy and while we can also do from here our friends know we can click through and I can see a third person view of Dr. Kevin shelf and a kids committee Josh is so shelf and his interactions with his buttocks or his friends and what his friends are doing us a further comment will be obvious that she is receiving an week of course Taylor that so that it s specific perhaps the books are registered or maybe friends we have in common but it s really extracting a social information and displaying it to I will add that I Safari our social really excited about were thrown really excited about what we been able to do in a very short pre-time thus far working with the APIs and we are excited to continue with Google to make us in the


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