Campfire One: Introducing OpenSocial (pt. 5)

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Consumer examples will not like to bring up one of most popular professional networks invite from Lincoln Adam please refer to the firehouse and told him I my name is Josh on the senior director of product at Lincoln and I m joined here by always report is one of our rockstar product managers and deleting of our efforts around open social elite of the largest global professional network in the world with over 15 million professionals online already we actually have executives from all 500 of the Fortune 500 companies now and so at Lincoln report really high priority on building business applications that make professionals more effective on a daily basis as we know the value to business applications bring the professionals as when Google approached us with the concept of open social we know is an immediate fit is what better way to engage and to delight him and to make professionals more effective than provide them the widest possible set of business applications on our platform and open social gives us on open standards way for developers to do just that since I reacted without a quick demonstration of the business application that we think highlights how businesses social and business applications can be better when it levers of power professional network update on the screen as an example of the Lincoln homepage with one of these open social obligations which recall the conference calendar in the upper right-hand corner of the first pieces social information of the conference calendar has is that it knows that I m logged in as the anti-RCL is a demo so I guess is okay, Thomas Post blog in his van and leave that window. Anyway Dan is in the industry as a course of the conference calendar looks through the schedule of events and conferences that are coming up in November and highlights the ones that are relevant to someone in the Internet industry you can see that actually all these different conferences are available that rich interface that other developers been talking about it so easy to do with an open social application if you look at the actual dates you can see that some of the dates are highlighted in bold those are the ones with the bands regardless in some of them are highlighted in light pink these are the ones that have some people from your professional network already attend something that most people want to know before they decide to go to a conference the one that earned doctorate have even more of your professional network and so do click through to one of these events using information that you expect from any other website right to basic information about the event what it s for us to be there always made richer by leveraging the power of social networking you click the people you meet this in the first thing you see is a complete list of all of your direct contacts such that I get friends call with some basic profile information will also be at this conference the gazebo was than their were also able to provide new and interesting people you might want to me is not direct connections of yours today for people who are in your larger professional network that you might note to a friend in common and 81 meet at this conference we ve even provided rich connection in a communication functionality that lets anyone reach out and meet one of these people the conference you can click contact you know how you met Bonita were inundated as a care of this is down going to let go Expo Berlin Arena recommended that we get in touch of each other at the last minute at a demo is obviously also provide a list of connections and you have to remain on actually be going to the conference yet who live in the same cities so you want to touch base with you there so all this information was really is a pull through the open social API as you can see on the home page this is one slot that can hold almost any open social application we provided multiple slots on the page at Lincoln we really believe that business applications are fundamentally better when they levers of power professional network so by supporting open social we are really excited about what developers are to come up with in terms of great business applications to leverage and benefit the power of the Lincoln professional network will the powers of platforms to open platforms is that you sometimes can t predict the kind of unity of applications people will build us keep up on this theme of business applications and take a has done in conjunction with the artist Lucas Oakley s out Jason research finds out about some responsible for developer emulator to reasons why we re so excited about open social and working with this great community their partners the first is that we really think that what we see in the consumer Internet every day can make our business applications better and we really been practicing since they went to look the way we architect a system or user interface written some of the applications you ve already seen a fluid around things like cool maps are onwards the second is that we have over 900,000 subscribers every day subscribing to the service using the application to do things like manage their activities there contacts will picture of the professional lives of products for working on things are turning it on and we think this is you and your personal life might use some of the applications you ve seen up from open social on to understand one reason I like what our common honesty might haven t even come out you can use the same kinds of technologies to help make you more productive everyday and attacks or try to accomplish something ugly partner here from off the coast Jason who s been using the salesforce implementation of open social to build an application using the technology in a way which is what is a self locking the says their user interface and work in opportunity and metaphor moment that I m working for a company where were you sell generators and selling a generator to run rate hotels in Goa and so essentially what I m doing here is move forward the Salem executive sponsor my organization and the trust for my sales team has limited the sales and I is this old on young opportunity to see all the different contacts in the old folks were basically involve this opportunity will we my organization as well as influencers from a construction company and other folks were key people involved in this deal within the grand hotels and so I m glad for the decision-maker who is Frank Baxter by quick on the Frank s record here and gets it thanks contact information for basically all contacted me about his e-mail phone number and so on and is a typical user would rebound in resource limited in terms of annual Frank s about what we might know about him when he s done with us in the past and was really different here that you wouldn t see if your salesforce user is this new section in the middle witches my social network and this is basically a widget that we ve put into the page if I cloud which essentially is giving me a media visibility into the underlying relationships within that really I would never otherwise have access to and works at about here about the open social platform APIs is that it finally unlocking those underlying relationships I have complete visibility into all the relationships I have it relates to Frank and more poorly I can see who are the key relationships like Anna Ford weakens your name is larger which basically means that their interactions between folks in my company argues for older opportunities she walks and cases so I m interested to research and see if she might override some influence to Frank and the for the deal, causing this one highlight is that we ve got a young coming from about on your witches new salesforce uses while no one is really suck a lot that social potential in the reservoir think that s really cool is if you ve got something representation or visualization of your friends and relationships that using a social network like manner I thought you can pick up the application you can drop the right of the salesforce and because of the portability of open social wonder what a full-time selfless work at it as


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