A Tour of OpenSocial Developer Resources

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

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Him and a Google open social before launching a social or did you talk about some of the resources that we have for developers to build applications on open social the 1st Pl. you should go to get information about open social is her site on codec tool.com the site has lots of information about what open social is how you can get started developing an application the site has lots of information about open social including an API reference which was all the JavaScript calls you can make from your application as well as a specification which will tell you a little bit about API patterns and find when using the API tutorials there until you have a wretched first gadget and also links to all the groups and other resources on the site about today the second site that you want to check out his orchid site on code.google.com coupon lots of specific information about developing applications for orchid a great resource years of developers to hear you are lots of tips and tricks for developing applications just for orchid is a great place to get information is on the open social blog here we keep you up-to-date on the latest features and changes in API as well as information about what containers are doing so in MySpace or orchid goes live this is where you find the information first want to start writing code you probably have some questions and a great place to go for answers as the developers for this thousands of developers in here that all writing applications that can help you with any questions you need to get started there to points east look at if you re thinking about developing a social application the first is the open social developers for you can ask questions about open social API any changes or new features that come out but when you start developing an application for a specific container such as knitting high-fiber orchid you want to go somewhere where you can have specific questions about that container and open social developers want to find links to all of these other forms reaching find more specific help for example to orchid developers forum has information about what features are currently working on the sandbox and have discussions about tips and tricks for making application integrate well with orchid also have an open-source project on Google code hosting we started this project is as a place to store some sample code that we are using a tutorials for Google code hosting really provides a lot of great features that we decide to use to help support developers like you were using the wiki to host little code snippets that you can copy and paste right into your application is also information about events that we host your Google for application developers to come and meet the team another cool feature of Google code hosting is the issue tracker is a public repository region file any bugs you find submit feature requests if you want to see something new in API when the great features of this is the ability to star issues they think are important if I click on the star in the upper left-hand corner to let me receive any updates or comments that are made on this blog so no one expects also issues are sorted by the number of stars the people of added so that we can prioritize and fix the most important issues first if you re coding even answer fast your best bet is to sign on to the IRC channel it s on free note that called open social is developers from all over the world on this channel so whatever the hour is to be able to find someone to discuss your problem everywhere sums up the resources you have is a developer to get information on open social or did any of your questions answered in future starting with open social I suggest you join the developers forum in final links are talked about today in Lhasa developers will help you get started


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