Campfire One: Introducing OpenSocial (pt. 3)

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In relation to the open social now you see how simple it is to build an application using open social now let s shift our attention and see what the industry is doing and look at some of the great demos that partners have already built to begin with would like to invite the cash and undermine up on stage high-five and from slot they finally got guarded Mr. John cofounder five years and I go if I were the largest social only website in the world argues a global audience of your top 10 site overall was one social order website for the Spanish speaking audience and currently the number one overall website in seven different countries that were released report and open social announcement because for first-time third-party developers will gain access to all of about 35 million monthly visitors I m sure my losses and I m the CTO of five players pioneered the idea of embedding third-party applications and social networks within two years ago where we were at the slideshow show up on MySpace now where have served hundreds of millions or social widgets everyday works as today is taking the next that in the evolution of social applications powered by open social applications can be richer and more fully integrated with possibility before the sake of an application on high-five and you re talking about solar senior associates of local high-five low-voltage Micro Focus UCLA; my friends some activities going on inside I m bullets into one space and will enable open social and slide was likely of the vehicle top friends is showing up within the profile page seamlessly integrated and you will know how they built out in that it ran for the experience operands of application allows you express yourself or your friends and through skins and we will do is to open social other list of friends out of the profile photos after it links through to the profiles you click a link to my profile and what you ll see here is that of a social obligation isn t confined to little box it up and taking other information go to different places in different in the social application and allows us to pull a fully integrated experience throughout the social websites we have here is another one of our application without a fumble as originally application we cannot get this slideshow of pics and video wanting to know about those obligations that Python is existing to go comments were people generally are leaving text comments to each other now open social for first-time where leopardprint will present a much more rich application by firewall experience as David said this is just open Web standards were using flash were using JavaScript regional tools that everyone of us is used to make a website before I show you what we can do what we make fun pics our applications have two different views one of the profile view is contained within the profile and whether chemistry group are allowed more fun over to experience trickier ideas about social APIs to the photo from iPhoto album for them to decorate I thought bubble adding syntax and then posting it to my profile when it s easier to this when it s in a posting we will do Utah s rich experiences you want multiple paths multiple windows multiple windows into the social experience and so he is obligations on high-five ruling I was really excited about the evolution of this and were really good aggressively tremblant opens it social APIs quickly as possible so that more developers in common applications are the ever developers this is really exciting because we taken this one application with a little but of styling tweaks with the new CSS stylesheet will adopt the network in Toyota adopted in the MySpace are middle to drop it in the first or in any of these other networks that come along some day was Jeremiah thank you very much to see the demonstrations going in next that we like to invite up Mark from me and Joe from Plextor Mark police Joe laser module marketers never cofounder and I generate some cofounder and CEO of the artery will show you a demos Oval Office over with your operators and application of the millions of local social of implementation on the new name is a little bit different from your conquerors of Google has written a obsolete a social network is a system that lets users create their own social networks and so you can want in your own social network for any topic if you conceivably think of cervical MySpace refers to refer you school or classroom church was everyone obvious is equated over $150,000 on the own cell phone numbers are stored with each day 35,000 rows of the grid of the last eight months of no example social network when I m in today goes the woman received a here forgot the laptop which is a medical two diabetes is the social network for people affected by diabetes Roberto Hernandez remembers in Florida and on his way on behalf of 1500 people rapidly who are not members of this network I m showing which were all kinds of information about diabetes but also sure with each other all of many other kinds of information about their wives and music are like movies all kinds of things and personal with official information about movies are glibly to be able to do that would be able to use a service like Flickr integrated into the two diabetes social network on a 90s after we been able to do over showing a dismantlement of open social is a social agenda show once people have the flexor top users for us running within the social network with regard to social networking the fourth of it what you do also shut out the original great Job search is a social application for viewing and discovering movies with your friends on the little guy, the company which currently two products or destination websites which are not taught in our application of the Facebook platform to the tune of 10.5 million people review would discover movies of which are everyone soberly judge ordered the open social APIs and with a minimum of 100,000 m of funding alone to bring this application to millions and millions more users also and I had a click into user profile on two diabetes because he basically was working as a standard user profile on two diabetes community most of the pages obligated directly from the two diabetes I usually would rebound with him to the flex application of the venerable profile about section releasing the movie posters in the middle is actually coming live from Plextor servers readers using the Google open social API to get the user s identity information provided a database love users movie preferences what they want to see a movie they ve seen recently with her favorite movies are so they can use which is basically a self-expression for one or profile whatever they can also do with the open social APIs is actually click into the application and now here we are still within the two diabetes community right but now the vast majority of this page is actually coming power by the flexor application of which was doing it again but in the profile information from open social API from two diabetes to show you the persons name of the profile photo but also getting her entire friends list immediately going to our database and looking up most recent movie reviews for my friends list is showing Madison activities human rights on the page and then click into a movie with flexor Daws is basically now turn any social community on the web into a full-fledged movie site 35,000+ movies that one can look up and really unlike any other movies I actually see your own friends and what they ve said about that movie and maybe discover somebody else wants to see the movie to go see it with you with the movie with the flexor you can immediately share that with your friends within any of these communities about the flexor application working live on two diabetes are of associate out of the benefits of this approach is people don t happily than Arthur for further work by director orders or anything else at another application working group within reach of every social network now is a good thing when they have 115,000 or so to having grown rapidly on every single network that we have unable to live with open social will have the capability to use flex or any other open social by one application just to show you examples of those offices and $.50 network I m in public about the surreal business area network for Art customizers did what customization of individuals does not work for weight orders as a number for Japanese BMW enthusiasts of all kinds resulted in a resold world about the garden of the rapidly enjoyed your traffic over Europe talking about smart arm MLB about that until everyone just walked up to my blog and so did really well on the military PMA which is so very very interesting postings about social regular market


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