Interview w/ Google’s Patrick Chanezon on OpenSocial (Part 2 of 3)

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social website think

And in general and socially I hated him and their solutions who should have a website today will see me some clothes on and of human ships on the right are depending on how the website is a layout but usually they take it you have 80% of poem that comes from the website and 20 person that comes from widget RSS feeds of think that I think in the next five years is trying to be completely reversed where websites would be made of 20% of confidence by the website where I m 90% of them coming from other places either from Nigel from widgets what s nice about this good or accountants from the website itself and syndicating out to many other websites that becomes very distributing expected to exceed where you can take some photos from your social network from their assembly can make something useful pixel maps some maps from some API providers label and I saw no more interesting websites shall stink about it and he would do such a naturalistic ones that will be affected by this home of Hollywood and Angela Marie but my wheels are spinning so many of the terms of one would use think about it from the user could I have a wrapper around the sites that I visit in the words on a maps year whether he are then similar sorts or on specific types of information and what s I m looking at a story about something that happened in Sri Lanka to map onto my computer and whether I should like to shop there may be some pictures of the Schleicher from Flickr and other sites is a something that new world of distributed content and distribute APIs including managing to build nations like that they could be even built-in browser and browser could become the container are on your own site or you could go back to experience into your own site as an option for users who want to do that and will soon once I think that s more long-term evolution shortfall the short-term I can get what you re looking for new sites is mean to me that psychosocial if I m doing something I do not way that you maybe comment on it today and we could not sign up a new account with my password on my friends never know about this way you could save on signing with my architect and design manager my friends there and then once I signing I m going to fill the comment on the website but one thing we finished mutant whose that come in to make the registry markets that my friends can get it when you come in the meantime upon the websites visited by Willem Pilkington since that s where the power of the sword shall really were entering a phase were the direct analogy there was a time when the website you just have to think that was maybe the crew who is the midnight Eastern list in 2000.moralist had worked in a developed country so now we are at a phase where it website you need to start enabling it to be social network where it lets the report and what s interesting about with our ninth year and staying up to 2008 at 219 nine 1999 based on community spoke to Waffles where it was important for you to have an RSS feed cushion outsourcing vendor loses when using the domestic portals like my Yahoo on my Netscape and scholarly occult unconventional widgets and objects were about constant exit at the RSS was about that time and I think right now we re arriving at the stage where this becomes even more distributing where it s not only Clinton s behavior on data that is coming in a structured way Lincoln makes mix-and-match things using APIs to create the experience that your users will having apply to multiple sites and try to figure out ways to commit a common interface for a complete listing and that s what s nice about it which is simple to have your website but meaningless of your users are going to using the complexity of social reputation thing I know system uses on your website and 200 million on on various open source applications on high-fiving MySpace and awkward I saw the people from non-fixed their stories site where you rape movies I would have friends and family website but not to mention their website and they started developing on a social abortion excerpt I think now I don t remember that commission member breaking their social implications are even more popular than the website timeline for this fixture on the Locust is just this question to be a little bit outside of your intimate social politics is a poetical name that is enabling companies to we could think of nothing presidential so if your company you could go diminutive build a social network and such on name in the tools of their head and they also call their lives for phenomenon without which it certainly is is an alternative to going to a third party to start a social networking site without having to go through the retooling and working for the company that comes from scratch in other words can I social network enablement current site as a starting new social network on the service menu offers Isom things are very different purposes up some fascinating example of that part of open social there are very unknown part of it I was across in the aristocrat seems to want to escape so I sent them marketers today that one of the founders of the founder of the Nazis me a very smart company there there there there offerings me great someone offers you is that I m inventing a vertical social network for specific needs and conducting open social soul so you can have open social apps running on the which is very interesting and then a week and build your vertical social community and what market you know how difficult I think the social of the the the the the double one environment or something like that because and not he had by all effects were users invite other users to the community have created up some hot network creators and users can belong to several communities that only enables an entity to invite each other to various communities and have lots of communities that are kryptonite this initial numbers I don t remember this was the hundreds of thousands of consisted managing something is a very good option to out to create an open social website frankly has a very different a very different to me that much less power century means more won t think your own social networking in their very own social network where you


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