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I would totally are soon parted Georgia s kicking off down the open social climbers of this is Jason Cooper from Google and he s going to give a quick preview on Muslims s Jason and I were to do so today I m here to kick off and introduced a preview of the open social climate libraries for the open social service server API this is the first time that were previewing this so basically really really excited girls so all minimum rosters as of April short on time but we have a breakout session at around two I believe so I can come but there s anything intellectually interesting I m encouraged by so for the services of clutter to the open-source server server APIs so a quick intro to the service are great guys up until the point when open social was introduced last November till 1.8 spec was actually formalized the only way to get your social information was with JavaScript and others is greater like client-side guys like me who just want to ask a lot of developers that like you know they want to use PHP they want to use Java but I want to get there on the right social apps using the language the most important so the rest that I would have been quite a bit of about feature that they had requested so I m what one expected by McCain really happy and on for the first time you were able to get your social to evil activities acted in a kind of information from the container using a server-side language so the server server API sees so here s the client libraries we developed in order to make it easier to interact with these libraries is a developer and you don t want to be concerned with how request URL looks or what the exact structure of posted and it s important information you want you just want to be able to use it so this is the glossy that we went to with client library that provides an easy-to-use interface for fetching data from his open social containers it like a great plan leverage of abstract philosophy in a less appealing aspects of using the API such as formatting requests doing all the own goal off signing and verification and the parser supports parsing the Tucson XML is returned the great part about the libraries completely open-source impact of the next few minutes I ll get to layout the slide of that list the product pages so that you can actually download preview use the API of Musicland library and then see what it s all about it so I ll rosters with us like is that we have a breakout session at the end were working to get will mourn the coat will do more hacking but this is what the PHP client library looks like you can see that it s really easy for Strickler at the modus fetches a person s info some of the profile information such as the thumbnail URL and M&A and then just echoes affect the screen sample also the fetching a user s friends even easier to conceive of less lines of code just to one simple call it the friends entering through the friends list in this job family conceived of the just returns a Java collection and separated the slick you d expect so the PHP and Java client libraries are available today as a preview so it can go to these product pages and the other I ll can walk through that will do more of them than the breakout session I do want to note that on your horse open-source and because of that were really interested in getting contributions are really interested in getting feedback others are preview releases so if you know C. something that you think that it changed you like to get some feedback on the future direction library locator and support for the breakout sessions or to sell X.


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