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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

social account applications

Shoreham steps are no social applications are used to primer on gadgets and a musical artist XML files and surrendered to him what he wanted and so I would like to see a gadget is just XML of the top of the file you can see the XML version type and encoding and will let you see the tags that specify this as a data file we open everything up with a model tag and inside that we have model preferences that specify things like the application s title and required features are necessary for the application you re requiring the open social future babble about you actually define the content of the gadget here to contemplate his HTML inside that we have exceeded a section which is where all our code or external JavaScript go and the string hello world snuck a little intros on when we can go down enough on our first social obligation as a couple things real need for this first a text editor and web hosting account and additions that you need an organ account and access to the orchid sandbox which is where we alighted tester social applications I wasn t mostly out of text editor that a lot of you probably aren t at one post but if you don t does two things you can try first is Google code Project hosting which is a place to host open source applications of you like to make her gadget open source and hosted there and if you don t want to do that you can use Google page Creator which allows you to upload HTML files and additional files and upload other non-additional files like gadget specifications that writing so what about a waiter going to create an organ account which is pretty straightforward disco duck, or produce that s what you do not urinate to sign up for access to the sandbox which is pretty straightforward as well to what you can use to do that and once you have access you can log into sandbox the and aggregate in Austria to be there so we should do if you should take the text of the simple gadget copy that into a text file and save it under Web hosting account is hello world.XML log into your account put on the edit button next apps on the left-hand side of the page type in the URL of your newly created XML file click on the application button that the application permission to access your account and then click on the link that adds to the applications and bitch site installed or for social applications and orchid for more information on largest it has lots more information on the rest of the social API check out the tour on and the open social section


~ by bitahatini on January 31, 2009.

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