Kevin Marks, Technology Advocate, Google OpenSocial & Lon Safko The Social Media Bible Interview

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Him and him and him him in a long shot for him and by John Wiley & Sons award is written by Mr. social media and today we are here with Kevin Marks removal of what actually is representing a social soul that will go so here today so we started children to use American power listeners was one socialism in a changing world with this him as our and she is way he is about as I m it can be reused quite by dictation that, and that s what I m in be deployed to come off looking like you and all that high on the bed and when it is below to continue to him and we expect continued as a bolt out of the up but you will know 1 million users in your bringing colonies on the nonsense of all the world is because I m in China and Korea are you looking you up to a made me wonder if that is what I think you are going, and I m coming up on a guided tour what a monumental task while as the opposite services and listeners 350 million users out there that s a huge number and really the work that you guys are doing this kind of behind the scenes and is really transparent to the user other than the transparent to the user themselves are you ever worry that you know are going to what the problem with what shall I take it you have a data to meet you but you could do that and it won t do what you but you could use it and you know that won t do it because you wanted something that would like to know that. You could offer that they ll do whatever it is her right now to go on and about 108 and about big enough for them if we find a couple of mature quickly and then they go and it and then you look around the Duke would like to be offered in an e-mail for your waiting outside going to the mat that anything what would it be loaded with gold and Pakistan with them to the value of social model is that you can have one or more can be found to contain it digital data that use digital information in a nuclear application that you give permission to go on that data that you think you know about you but I will continue to pick up my think that having the I put in some of the the the the contain the five that I ve been on you ll be hawking the information you include them get moldy knee to the target type is a moment in UTF-8 on your entire I m back on a third and a value for the the the the the the the the the the the the good ontological information that could lead to potential the data on a United for the contain the flight comes in connecting them to the web and knowing what I ll look into this problem if you thought it was because we will pursue is the different sides really have applications as well that s true in real life I have different social situations the people I work with people to find some were personal friends and relatives family members bull s-eye will interact differently with an exchange really kind of different throne information in the relationships of different body and him together to you may not want to be quantified in is getting quite a bit of people who quite often you find it difficult to think of it as one of the kind you got me going into professional networking and getting I don t think it quite likely that more than one time on the web about anybody wondered how is it any wonder implementing the point is that you should be in control of and the Duke pushed into 150 and welcomed the decoder side on the same information again but if the party that he said he tried to make it invisible to the user to be a natural expectation for them that they can but when you actually thought that on the web but we ve gotten that they came into the wood and the bundle is not a good kicking off of a social is on the being controlled is that that information is well because the writings of the Bible and Silver responsibility that hasn t been in quite a few different groups I m tired of filling out every one of those cool alphabetical information even copy and paste requires a tremendous amount efforts or something like paths are open social would really kind of speed that up in and help make sure that the information is transferred accurately as well and in the thing is is that of what we were looking up to a new interview with Marc Canter are Hesiod founder and president and CEO of broadband mechanics in a previous iteration he was found around Macromedia and flash and one of these is working on is the ultimate ID and he s been talking about the really long time social media and social in open idea how to become an integrated IT lets you him if he wanted to prove that you are not an option it grew out all that she would like to believe that people identify that which would include both agreed on the URL to represent people if you think you know how many of you will think that would represent them that that particular people will use your old job and do nothing about your relevant e-mail address is that you can encode your own project as well with the were doing a little terminal you think you that e-mail or give me a link of any mail that was reviewed in the money was going to become identified with the Nike on what you re identified you and that means that there is no and you got to get access to more data without the data in the page all that they do know that I think I m getting old for potential and while the government to a good idea and will that be for the he concluded away from the URL the other. I mentioned I will then I will believe him when localization of that you do if he won five permission to view it on the other side of the decline information you can give you the foundation but I did look in future and you basically giving them to about 80 but if you can believe that you cannot tell that I m talking about you, the future that got away for 15405 information of the time which means that I can change the information on the on the company identified the drone that will get you that information did not hit the Internet for the two of the and an essential role in the own these underlying file to a specified the information on them if it said what he ll will likely build a wondered if I am done venting: I m the item is in my name is often based on an envelope filled the become of the 500 didn t like him will be able to call you up a little bit of endowment for the good of a good deal of thing that a social that you do if you pull data all it in the time for you to be in and got the information about the event and I think that the use and the use of funds that fill the bottle would probably get you a launch date about defining multiple the use of the legal right to do something that would let users
if you think you can do something much more interesting because I do you think I would ve Wednesday and Monday from information out of the name of the next with him I m not going to confuse and been coming around and use of all coming from a thought in general that it will provide a kind of social filtering the information it will serve there is the social network were trusted network is really important to room but what s really driving social media in Sunday s upper example becoming tiresome butterfly particular vendor the first thing I ll do is I ll do my colleagues were trusted network and can ask around for having experience with a particular vendor infighting reports and police tunnel based on my respect for their college that recommendation is pretty reasonable so that if it is a lot safer going away eventually going outside of network is going to the Yellow Pages integrated that it is rated at 100 and 800 people located empathy isolation if it is vital for survival and to download something you can say for the record in MP3 talking of information you got him out if we have information talk to people you recognize anyone wanted the truck because you had the one thing that I m recommending restaurant a block recommending books to a moment when we wanted to do with your caustic than you do about that people do when you re not questioning you can leave it in yourself without regard to political jewelry lying on his good knowledge will be glad that it is really telling psychologically profound this is legal under really actually thought about in psychological terms but that s absolutely right in that we cannot forget the baby either platform technology that can help assist us in sorting all that out and cheating are we really been this helpful tool in your to actually come computable information honesty about people and leaving out and wouldn t be what you would love to online village of the people you met and the more you think about them you can then you ve got to pick out the information you see coming it probably won t do what you wanted to the people I knew getting up some information about you and you can cut will help drive your future that of the PC with the activity streams in and take the goal in input that will be the config and application of information about people people you don t know if it will annoy from there immediately do know he becomes going to ignore the bits of knowledge about and you can get taken and then onto multiple but you hit it if you get in if you have a public thing to run with it and you re the one they fell in New York today and on a very different impression of the conflict about the ubiquity of you convey the convict who you re interested in the the the volume of social networks is that they I m holding on to old individuals which means any application of information and present it to the says that he ll will find immediate information and make it make sense to you not but the body was pulled up onto the without excessive patient information about a minute whom of the beholder but that information from the thoughts of how to do anything in English occupation illegal potential to provide what we learned is this a lot concerned is always concerned paranoia about the personal information being distributed through the Internet and actually I m losing control then there s an example in the name of a company but the middle of the mistake when people could go and check older websites that were friends of been surfing well maybe some websites of the friends that want them to know that there were certain and that I put a scare into this kind of open social while open information exchange because getting personal information is one getting behavioral information is another way to collect such as information Google uses when you re using Gmail and its polling keyword for your e-mail and serving your corporate advertiser when hearing is open social really isn t, really a free-for-all information exchange that the use of themselves really if it was personal and private was behavioral what s in it for some verse control unless I m and try to point it at him your you want to make sure that information talk not share the information you don t want to define entities joined up if you don t want your input connected through your photo will you should do their part of it is making in people fit on one existence that is segmented by using different for different purposes of the documentation upon you if you can separate anyone been controlled by the metadata change in putting everything into one big five cannot do everything he can pull data to meet with our graphical view maybe it could be you can decide what information flowed than that I ve been going out and people can link up our overall though one of the things that they ve been called the Department of Defense who is this idea of user giving permission that kind authentication through all that for a connection can be made will be because of the separation between the application and the competitive climate data type that will pit of the policy led as well the different containers can come and have a different policy to fit in with the big fish on the 500 that uses goofing off with some five the assumption is that anything that I thought Republican delivery 1/5 David would conflict with the plan you could do if only she d been commissioned to do with little application that expectations on the public side of everything the expectation on the part of side that they could anything think that it been given permission to stay now understanding that the application program a part of your estate if you d told old but good people.but lately I think I have information about with him in the encoded policy in fatal information about it about a broad off mission of youth would not be out of anything of that detail I didn t even need to know that it has been denied that they did not believe that part of it is that if the separation between the often contain a beach with provide a trust boundary that you can say okay I trusted you with a lot of information but on getting some of it, that over the divided into the application and this is controlled by the user of a modular one use of potentially all its controllable by the container because the content policy for general political users than they think they cannot do anything if I behave have something to do with history of the difficulties that come the end of the way they think that thought this is if it is taken that incident involving a good thing you could join the fight and manipulate those bought by the big doing I thought to find information on identification at about five and the five other notifications and nobody but you know that if it would not run for the night environment able take on the convict about about environment I m in it for the social mores of an abundance of the date it will be more information than he would punish it with outside a more real-time information into the white while I do not think that when people realize the real social IDs that really it seems there s some controls on it and keep that information is giving a century with him and I m excited to hear that because he guess about a certain permission to my MySpace account well and I couldn t walk up as somewhat public information but maybe only for my friends because as you know you can t do a lot of information monsters Muslim heartland and within the financial services that are talking to HR managers and a lot of them actually went and looked at clients or potential employees MySpace pages to really come to find out what they re doing on the wrong hours so if you got a lot of pictures in the world are robbed being drunk at a pool party last Friday I probably doesn t play well with an HR manager was looking to hire you still does these different levels of information that is really important in our vision people may not and 20 location about a Republican but important victory should then much of an activist which is the thing that would seem that this issue is the way that the social infrastructure that can fit on more than one kind of contact on the official net worth tied up now because they re the ones that took it off with one of the other kind of fight over the fish of all of them wanting off with him if he defeated the gospel by thinking about why Google my Yahoo is a much led apartheid not information that is on the technical information about fundamentals and got a field of view embedded at about while they don t have the same problem of the website which is greater than your thing wife commented code I care about you but I m even less about yourself I m and you can contact you to buy up line up but they share content across the whole thought it been these applications control not with you into the data about us until we defeat action in denied Google didn t give up out of the blue but I d are really going to because you are a little widget requires is informational in the about me in order to properly and effectively automatic and collector of Apple uses keychain for password file that then remember me on the website because it saves you the trouble of having to remember to put in almost thousands of your budget is not a unified application and other kind of container the weight behind to defeat being built is if you think you continue to make time on anything the customer relationship management I m such a helpful tool with CRM date they have lost it and keep information about and they have no issue wanting to be able to do anything good on the definition around it will become intuitive and with a face like a wall in a futile but thinking of you can acknowledge that these people believe they think about them and that it is only him but he could do a database of customers you cannot if the well-paid but if the customer paid the top of the companies traded about the room at the Utah that is input to the application to the info on the information about the the the the the fight on information that you ve been embedded with combat well that if Italy with defaming a lengthy faith and it wouldn t think that if I give you a number of the page in the own of the page and who he is very depending on what kind of positive know what you want to be your profile — pulled even in liquefying and the ambiguity of the youth and the others could the government have information about the “difficult but coming up, actually found it really portrays a possible five and the application can continue between many different kind of thought to make that while well that s it so again I never really thought about applying missile consoles will always determine everything from widgets to social networks to passwords are premature and is the former and present information on the Internet in your widget from the DVD is the position that the defendant wanted but for running a guide by 5 ft.xb3 of an application is notified that a bunch of all shifted out about me.i didn t effectively thought he lived on the authentication is much easier because the fund is fully credited up at the time I would personally not talking about a book that is coming in the next iteration of the official version 18 which is coming out in public but I m I will be going with APIs which need to live a cool would be the one with one occupational month of the concordance with the network mainly but not information about you and you ve got in the web and I need to feed him update of a wooden columns about five this deep thought now would be a blog that we would get about permissions and authentication would like to control what you can and embedded application “not without full knowledge of all that it did give the permission of a device if it is the outlook on got defended single thought you did with binding knowledge of who you are but one unlimited button which you can keep up-to-date on wife beating the flow of what you ve been doing out from the web into the game if you do when you pay a book review for the official network that will enable you to make notified well… how could you envision the one I d much extend the range of a group of a microwave click of a button while you are selling us a presentation on the company recently we scare them up on their adversaries circle and I saw the demo was that someone was looking for a haunted truck in the cubicle on the websites and then eventually to the drill down to the site on a particular model on me that year and also truck with a look that now assignable excellency when Nissan has this comparable cook them just instead of going to their home page that it captured the behavioral information and didn t make them click 10 clicks down the street of them that make that model you re exactly the comparable trial that Nissan made compared to the Honda based on behavioral information which serves up the best possible page instantly and of course we went to Toyota the exact same thing happened is able to get into Dr. David and competition a good dad and you do something fun about what you did not just write about in the 188 of the about putting out a little bit is the definitive to date there up to the Judith Gold certified the reducing the bin Laden guy but he would be able to believe that I think this is idea for a futile effort is one fundamental amount of thought or to the rule that ways were they deserved up versus or Joel and I forget a thing existed to keep if you give my permission to deny something about you can even customize the display went in and what about personal and demographic role of information or the rich and federal friends and blog about them in they decide if one of them people would find it I think about, and some thought it is problem that would inform them of, defined in the autumn of comment and title because cucumber was reasonable or on the normal mode of training the comment feed with enclosure limits with the total something only him and who ve got something that I ve done either at the thought of a lot of fun but I see a time when you didn t notice he was appointed restaurant review site under review the restaurant difficult to find review that restaurant interesting and if it continues even consider you a friend from pulpit of the tall that we must provide outside of you who didn t enjoy it and you think for yourself at the beginning candy info adjustments that make this presented a vital element information item about about about about to go away to beautiful the recall is likely little occurs only when Connie used to release one level this on your Civil War will it comes back and says here s the other types of books that people who bought this book are what you may be interested based on behavioral information of all your purchases Wednesday in the site are intended well be that you could purchase it… she benefited them thumping thought it could be confused with the bindings might as well and they will be without Islamic shipping and implementing for that site is your network to the behavioral signal gone away for a minute if it, and that new Wal-Mart reading will be reading it on the about bebop that would really tell the interest in them as well by respect someone on Thursday the textbooks of the reading is very interesting as well and I m a good reputation if you envision when I ll ever wondered what you ll find reading the application while a lot in your utility when you really think that we could usually unable to get the fish that are related in any unit if of a recommendation from it which it did to you if I m reading this book open than would have been difficult him feel like an idiot for getting defeated by doing my unintentional comedy about a book that will let about ability for an application that are required while current contextual sharing groove networks while that s really powerful legislative and you have this toolset is still says wallet applications that you can apply it to and it just makes life on the Internet that much easier for all their excited now that you actually work for Google whether your are herding cats you re actually bringing in perceived competitors such as Yahoo and then sold trying all these current companies and the one-room is that the house had been driven for trusting one another was the start get mass is an interesting and I m a total bitch and in the good old memo outlining and the Internet are the people we talked to get people to agree to do something but if you don t get the fun in that it, and and I m looking I don t think that I was in 5 November would leave if we ve definitely got to work on and Abdullah were leaving my mom got entangled in a whole bunch of engineering going on in the discussion group and then got into a control for plantations in their shindig Apache project which have been built by people from many different companies and not an official network that we would go home model to align the same basic underlying code to do system and then we seem to do on some of your penis would want to think about it that I feel on collaboration bomb on the political code for the modification to buy having it might be able to do that work on the net on the icy much-needed coordinate work and that of the acting that way and by making a fool to fit the second benefit is that people can table with it without actually having to come and hold what we found a couple of occasions we had I been manipulated a microfiche mystification and then joined Google will not happen without a doubt now that that had entered the specification and they re working with the way on another company cooled Allah in Korea that included them here how you could get in the habit of leaving about a minute under Louisville to become a good shindig we been up and running connected in the multiple developer website and read the Korean people can build applications for well about the power of a full-featured Web is that by putting stuff out that it can be confined again in the same way can find people interested in it, they can feed back into the community that I ve got something that we ve would believe anything you thought about this a lot and did nothing about it told community is mature enough not how the fund is a modal by the Apache foundation that mean that we will know how to do that kind of no collaboration between the companies not the amount about it all the way to load a set of agreement between the wood into the same kind of thing that is built upon uploading an image and do nothing but talk to him for connectivity with good info for documents with the eighth educational legs galleries stresses the image link not as companies that countries this isn t just unheard the American task is inward US centric but this really is, polygamy and would use the term traveling of the entire world into a standard and certain other of is encoded, language and any unpaid language was speaking at a debut to up and defend it in the total difference in the gun debate about: I ve be between people who did not need to be confined can be working on a plan that even though it had contributed him they may have to adjust how they behave on the completely defined for it to work on golfing my connection between the different thought world 15 good beginning developer communities in different countries as well that it will be a popular local official network of the very founded on implementation but I than they can than anything I would want if another country over to bond with your company with almond in a terminal Korean company committed to developing undefeated content will be logical if it should be looking to build upon him beneath exhibit B. the effort of moving from country to country. The paperwork is translated and then it difficult for and all that much easier when you can get the code running in another conversation among the hundreds of the ephemeral right that we would not let anything go me go up through the Google developer Day that will nothing across Europe and Asia have them in the fold at coming out the week but even more that could be because they said we can do each country and working with the networking companies and country world to bring them together that a lot of the info in the Hamas organization is a big get-together opened up while again this is if someone sneezes I like this on a project like this they would still act on what it sounds like that because it is the right thing to do would benefits everybody it seems to be common spreading virally and people really are cooperating because they know it s in the best interest of everyone including themselves personally and if it s not a system such as ADD you don t think you can agree to agree to disagree do you can find a stuffy wine, and great aunt in the confined spaces of the different and specify a weight off the question is to say what kind will defy continent people cannot feed regarding the page with V. for the office on the question then broad application that does different things depending on the office in the work of the purple range of five and how it comes about how they were while while there is a really incredible insights and as and not being an API developer Oracle developer and a longer while I wasn t really aware of her term with some articles about it and understand how profound is going to assess me as a user and again the most important of seniors is that the oldest really benefit the user inputs will be done in a very intuitive or protective and nurturing sound way and in a big could be the other thing about trading in torchlight do they have to proceed by agreement of the written agreement and enough people and proceed to what you can not make a book out of it he can keep going with which we started out with something fairly faithful with which it is changing IDs in and good name and then we went through over five will become laughable file in an innovative way for people to find other in a loving God would wait for one thought represent them in our notified that they can shootout to give it a good bit of food theories of the speaking figure out if it could be that the eighth and 25 old, but with developing the lethal to coming out I m in complete agreement well and will he start from a pool of the stuff actually works and credit you must like to get someone interesting if you try and define a hold them begin within it over the entire universe and if I m not over the core of agreement and disagreement slots on his lessons while well as loser Nielsens
to add to our listeners the most order users and they re probably very few of them really are familiar with the source and one summer in the future is a little thing to think about it been a fundamental modal shift in the thinking I m doing about five and a day under new application that will go on a few that I separate itself from the information that you need to be built about modeling and take dictation and movie truly different five with that if they continue to them all coming while the or do you affect everything and everything built in but one thing is even a website on the minimal of but you can think you ll be complete recognition of moving through other people-help it find people that are interested in the hospital Keith Anderson hit a moving from him I m an economist, but come find me to I m application the mood through the web to find a project that will well and that is all sold basically legal night in your car and returned to you in the rear is a balancing world go with it is that there is a time making making to lose miserably so that all that the people to find more permission than blogs or websites are interested in more information about the work that you don t is beneficial to all that is thought to have information about officially linked to developmental faith and up-to-date use of excellent this really excellent will think of him so very much really for being here and for sharing your time with us and talking about open social I learned an awful lot I truly appreciate this is lots of legal or social media Bible published by John Wiley & Sons are sure to check out our other valuable social tactics tools and strategies that we found in the social media Bible as well as its companion website for more information about the Monsanto were when our signature company were next event please go to the Vanderlaan and 70 and the consumer much for being here and not for listeners if you think you are


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