Google launches today its OS for social network: OpenSocial

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

social Facebook it’s

s are just so you weren t so social with their hands your will to Facebook and a few sweet it s going to be very interesting bottle on the battlefield we have one side Facebook unveils aside without a lot of social networks that are together on the panel that we find or can of course we also find from Princeton are linked in Plaxo and it was on a jury can the guy the guy that we want to know you would guide them and we all recall off course but said he ll have you heard of to do well at the fatigue is with us today is going to go to his Google clicks in a few seconds so it s kind of in a rush but he accepted to stop at a delete to share with us first what is genuine and what is open social and suffered heart and all felt that he will war you guys were from friends and moon computer is a good 200 and 100 wounded were distributed to members of the news with a leading business social network for one of when even the fastest growing businesses from its workers or 250% to r but when the growth in the OS/2 of the report to have been selected by Google to to be tall to be so difficult this afternoon with them as you said nice things who will coach the team of a friend so canceled and once open social but what is going to be announced as often as new social network or is it something else no longer it s not a new social network it s much of Google s idea is much small companies than the real deal will use them if it s clearly an unsubtle to those Facebook but for them to let the Facebook opened its API developed to allow other developers to implement new features on its website it s been a huge success more than 15 tells Lexington officials implemented eating into three months so broken up with and so has not been considered okay we have our coat which is within president remained to them quickly to open the API of all put have been kind of ridiculous and so proved to Facebook but one suspects it will get what we are going to to implement open social which is a kind of operating system from electrical version resumes computers and open social would be a link between a soap of his developers and political coattails meeting social networks so that they can to see if you deal friends don t maintain unsold fitting them instead of opening their API and allowing them to go postal to implement officially websites or you re going to set up some stuff else than the stem cells would allow the developers to develop what he wants and if it works via they ll do their respective thumbnails and if you do respect his templates to them than this the supplications would be able to we would work on the schedule but also offered some contents will be if this allow them to stay in one day and that the children top and succulent when offering for a postmortem hundred million euros was already comparing to the folks at 40 42 millionth digital Facebook so that will be protected open social OS okay I cannot I cannot see the link at those Google guys are really so smart and quick in and this is this is something that is going to be amazing to think Facebook is going to be on that title not only includes the pilgrimages that I don t go to him as he used to joke it has been said but I don t think you build them filk yeah but it is but maybe she is smart enough it will be also wanted I don t know what else what is your interest in that partnership for us at this point that built during the business model yet that includes the lurking resumes with both those books than that and took the clear advantage for us is it about future new futures but in quantity according to we have thousands of officials implemented soon on video and would have very specific vertical petitions whom and if it is many trying to be the central field of resume beats CRM via totem and the stock exchange and the latest one which is what we don t have the competence and integrity to pronounce, petitions to moral ideas that can let it roll me demonstrate significant in the next two weeks I m sure we have the tense of occupational discounts which with all members of institutes you doing them much more efficiently think UFO that states are not that they think you can telephone for this s


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