OpenSocial Birthday: Closing Remarks

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

really open community

Hello my him were here the closing of the open-source regarding and are not easily great day we been able to talk about how we got here last year were also able to cover no.9 were going and some also talk about some of the stuff if you ve been looking forward to you as you see all the smart people and happenings in the treated global container problems of cross filed a community effort and really looking forward to see what happens this and am innocent people we should probably think I would think rock you saw it a help to sponsor the really important because again we were open social ills of the open social foundation is because community members contribute code contributed ideas and help sponsor things here and there really made it a great event anybody want to thank off to you and thank you for saying you slide into the night… I was hooked but really I think that is livable community effort I m really proud of the recent launch of boat with Ricky s review of a big community site will contribute a reason to also today be open site was revamped to be the more developer from sucked out and get all the width of the open letter to dismiss the sum of good stuff going on to your job involves yet I think ill on the closing of real estate I expected either to year I did know what to expect but it s it would have been beyond whatever expectation of a set self again you know for my closing remarks I just want to thank everybody because I cannot believe that was an idea a year ago your go had over to 300 people there today to mean the person starts like a 20 foot containers six and review newsroom reach word whenever she was just installed this format are pretty big numbers some drug program and for the more they give us


~ by bitahatini on February 19, 2009.

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