OpenSocial Tutorial – Part 3: Giving Gifts

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

gift funds data

So sauce just so you will reduce you to XML file creating a foreign but I was the funds also gives an intriguing to get to the front next to modifier on load funds function and soda instead of listing the funds in the page it creates a menu of them so we can pick one front next recruiting other functions make options menu which takes a list of gifts that we specify and creates a tremendous that we can select a gift to give to her front that we modifier our initialization functions of instead of just letting her friends and also loves to give money when the gadget lets the last and most important step is running against a function this function takes the gift and the fund was to send a gift to and saves them into the persistent data storage of the open social API we do that by creating a new data request object and passing into a new update person update request specified to see the data under the viewer object that was in the request of the open social API which stores the data if you consider gadget in action specifying a list of gifts was the funds and fund to give a gift to the front for more information on what to show you check out the tutorial on would be open social section


~ by bitahatini on February 20, 2009.

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