Flixster talks about OpenSocial

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

movies social really

I will you like him and then I am sure I am so responsible move founders of letter bombs around trying to smooth flicks there is a social application for people to basically manage the relationship with movies cherubic of friends and discover movies through no people they know were cited for Google that are not at why anti-XML and social you how we were really older open social before we knew we were built on open social so you know the history of flexor Rochester.com little less than two years ago and a lot of people started using a sort of which are surprised out of and then we will launch our second product of the Facebook platform six months ago we ve already been working with some other people are really similar platforms with such a natural fit with the social application for people to use within the communities that they already have so we got wind of what was going on with Google this is the perfect fit for us to do less work and more places a letter to run a continuation of stuff for doing off than I am that having ranks Anytown is violently ill Arafat to prevent our entire waterways are worse than a few bugs and start long-awaited by the know are really excited about it I think it s hard to get the right vision of what I think of it can be really compelling for people credited with the right vision for where the stuff was going obviously mischievous editors were still prelaunch of this incident worked out left and right about Google s been really helpful in the helpers were thrilled and spoke to us but I m high as my fighting near the applications that are thinking that right or rose to focus on growth right now are not really explored all the ways we commoditized already started to design the real business model is advertising and promotional movies of you know trying to be really contextual informational movies you might like this on the things he liked in the past right on some meet with the campaigns of studios and that any applicant you after you see flexor artwork it 1.0 so you can see this is as my orchid profile here you can see we ve added the flexor movies application in so you can see basically the this low-profile box with people to show off their latest movie starts to my favorite movies of movies I want to see evidence of the stuff I ve seen recently and then you can dig into the application itself ends right here on the home page you get updates from all of your friends is in the Google social API so here actually weighing this one of the developers are working with you like the Bourne identity and Corser on a new jeans though the developer on our side born of the baths of a metaphor so you can basically do the application does most of it is her expect from sharing applications like and click into Sauron s profile at the core proposition is written to share with friends surface for a while: social stuff and I can see you what surrounds them watching recently I can see his favorite seconds he has friends and I can sort of browse from person-to-person or private interest that I can jump into a movie here s the Bourne identity and to all my friends out about it I can rate of myself I can get a synopsis of a sort of other similar movies feature I got back my own profile check out my own mouse with latest ratings and no early on it a lot more fun features a nonstop onslaught of appetites though that s the basis of you got so far off it you need for planning and the authors had originally I were your views on the Imus less than all the movies I have seen you probably don t realize how many movies you see absolutely our first origins probably single 2000 movies will as the Hollywood death was good as does I noticed it a lot more rewards doled out here still very early version of everything we want the application to the truth plan on taking all the other fun stuff we want? Common and pushing it within your patient s pulse other containers of LLL that we need a social life again and he declared in a leaky perfect for flexor I mean besides for just a know continuing to dudes at the finish of you guys almost think the biggest thing were looking forward to his hearing about all of the different partners were to watch on orbit but were really excited about being I m even more places as quickly as possible so the more people that office on the container side more places the wheelchair movies on the source and is an applet that had anything like that was a raw to check it out on work at


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