OpenSocial Tutorial – Part 4: Listing Gifts You’ve Sent

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Attention! API Garbage (might be unreadable):

list information gifts

Him and he just class.autoload s CBS three just modify argumentative functions so just how did it also requested about the request object as specified in addition to updating of yours application data we also request information reviewer of your friends and the personal information stored on computer in the Lutherans function also going to do something similar to the little rose to friends of your friends we also request the personal application storage of your were going to make these two requests are low each other so that we initialize the gadget or give a gift we can send a callback sensitive information in the modify our autoload funds function so that in addition to specifying the viewer and of your friends about the gifted it which is the list of gifts to give again we create the list defines the selection menu and then once that has been inserted into the page recall the update list function which was little list of gifts that we can update the list pulls information out of the data rate it review it specified by the viewer ID in the key of gifts which is where information is stored within tickets to convert back from adjacent string into a JavaScript object that we can use as we have this object which is the parent of a friend idea to get ready we can convert that into a string which specifies the front of your giving a gift to advocate that we are giving them the contents of this list and the page is HTML finally make a small change to the judge XML file so we have somewhere to insert HTML is a new version of our gadget but now displays the list of gifts we ve given so I clicked on the gifted button it shows up in the list below for more information on why to show you and more information on the social API please check out the tutorial and for the open social such


~ by bitahatini on March 6, 2009.

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