Campfire One: Introducing OpenSocial (pt. 2)

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So you are going to socialism and will never want to give social with the result being that the developer will be drawn to make notes while we wonder why one developer to build applications that reach one users in more contracts across one or you sent what we will talk with 10 minutes as walking through the steps to build an open social application and scratch to show you doing up from her something amendment application to force that s the simple giftgiving application with actually jumping into the coat will meet over couple principles but there was one API was to build applications that reach and run on many different websites to do that to build rich applications we want to have both server-side and client-side versions of the API access Bible at some application tonight we re talking mostly about the client-side JavaScript needs and wants on the client-side murder but as the mansion s usability examples if it s entirely based on standard web development if you know that you don t JavaScript our goal was to make you learn nothing new just has ample methods to get at the social information is that you can win medals and build a web app panels of building social with benefits being as an application builder I users for my app benefits of users as I m lapsed like it will work with sent when we say we do the simplest possible extension to the standard web development tools but will those areas we looked at what kinds of applications that you all were interested in building the Ark that people were interested in using we said is really only a handful of services that expose wide API with three sets of information about people that you need if you re going to build social application needs help you information about profiles and basic as the properties of who I am about to my friends my connections my relationships in the context of whatever social site I am I m running this application and file information about what I do when I m doing things updates wasted to pass the sharing of information between me and the other people in and services less about information more about persistence of application information without requiring a server with the design goals of building open social with the say as application developers you should certainly should be able to have an application that has heavy backend server-based processing but you shouldn t be required you should build very rich interesting interactive powerful applications to work with users let users work with each other without needing a server and that we needed to include a persistence interface in the open social API so that those are the services of open social said that you were settling around at the bottom of the stack that even most apt developers don t have to look like look at open social uses the standard Ajax like asynchronous interface model of the web is built to serve the bottom of the open social API or set of interfaces that let you build requests in the image responses and requests as you can see no highlight map to the four services we talked about before their low-level request to work with each of the four kinds of information we know that developers using any API including open social don t usually work at the bottom of the stack usually go backwards around and use those rappers make it easy and fast to build applications that speak in terms of the semantics of your so I stuck one of the worst are all you need to do once you may demand a request to get the data is just access the site is a code snippet that shows someone that I was recalling the viewer in and get the spinning and would in any container that implements open social return the name of the current user support over to be a demo would you consider this as an actual source code that that has some of the details I m left out of the sides function is just a slip of the top and all does is it sets the HTML of the page on this going to can t use this point in an effort to luck and I m running the sample to sample them all inside work that we can see here to welcome David Glaser and obviously this would be the name of whatever the user was in whatever container you happen to be using it were running in which you run your software back to the sides we can say is we ll move on from her simple hello world app server with a gold medal on a call to get funds API someone would ask off what I m saying in addition to knowing who I am was fine with it a list of my friends again funds in the context of the site which I m running into some center jobs for machinery to iterate through those defense bill that generates HTML insert the HTML in the back and take a look at the source code will see the two of version of the let down to one actually generating the funds we get the display name and you can see here going to skip your friends as a way in which you build up a table at the enraged about and everyone see what that actually does in the context of our orchid sandbox I don t have very many friends but my friends who are iterated and reiterated for which it was laminitis and basic information about them what their profile or whatever other information we want to expose a half after those two steps of one third step back this life was and what we can say we get back here is moving on from times when I would start actually doing something and at some interaction sympathy lets me do things to my friends and to do that we need to pursue some information so as to parts that I need to read what gift of already given one popular highlight information that I need to in the JavaScript insert a little form elements in this case is her simple interactions with the drop down you put in the drop down the future giving and then when the drop-down changes when the update person at the request of one yellow is the practical and we see you down towards the bottom we have for the gifts function G. details left out of the conference audience the proper data formats but basically all the going is the one within a field of inserting it into the insert in a form field in their annoyed number for him or appear that on the change event of the form will actually do the Porsche sluts switch to a third step of our demo will see you as we now inserted and I could give power hazelnut and then I can give Graham Greene and Wayne think it s going to capture to so application not much to it but the launch of the vessel docked to the the update at their request will stop her from the back of the slides so stop your step I reaching out of the say hey not all the interactions of someone was doing my application or necessarily want to look at the West do some updating of their friends and months of passing sharing of information with the information go from what s happening in the application you re so all you have to do to do that is in the same change in alert that used to just update the users that request we made one more open social call upon the spring was to open social requests create activity that pushes up that out to whatever update management and notification system the containing website has as built and then that s delivered to all of the users friends audience however the appropriate delivery mechanism is another way to reach out from our application into the larger world go back to even see her simple extension to this handle change to function which is the same unchanged first thing it does is gold and causing a change wanted to the first up event the one on the thing has to do is actually called this requests create activity and at the end of that within an application that looks exactly the same on this list up for your same exact functionality but now one doing that I m actually also posting some updates to the extreme of Goldwater that the outcome of the container that the steps the.Y. hope you took away from this as do things versus one of these if not your own part without permission on JavaScript but the original JavaScript the open social policies and a second at Harvard that you know my design sensibilities are pretty much do that when you re building about 20 usually do you have one set of people to make it not enough some people not make it worthwhile look good and certain so I am faced with the zygote design team so if we ve got at the slides I want to design demons that you think my and they said wow now if we can to back the slide that you wouldn t know it s okay if Bush now is alright but you know if it were me I would ve made it look like a gun at the I like that I can make it look like that you know why don t you do it using all the original JavaScript tools you already know that the social knowledge needed it s just a web application do what you always do make a pretty big that s the beauty of open social you don t to learn anything new about HTML or JavaScript about CSS about web design about anything that what you do is you take all those tools you already know to build great applications you hook up the social information and how you can build great social web applications that run in any container supports the open social API so that you are much and I m looking forward to seeing many of those applications in many of those websites


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